What's your current fashion dilemma ?

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  1. What's your current fashion dilemma (whatever your definition
    of that currently is) and please explain why ?
  2. I've been looking for short brown moccasin style boots with fringing... can't find them ANYWHERE!!!!
    breaks my heart cos I want them so bad!!!!!!!!!!!

    really want ones like Sienna or Rachel are wearing!!!
  3. That some meanie has bid on the Elizabeth and James dress I want...no NEED. :sad:
  4. I'm starting a new job and need to wear business casual stuff, I've been working in a lab for years so all I really own is jeans. Slowly trying to get a few good pieces to mix and match for when I need to see clients.
  5. I let myself go and gained 35 lbs, and now I can't fit into any of my clothes!!! Argh!!! Trying to get rid of it all by November, but it took 6 months to gain, so I doubt I can take it off that fast :sad:.
  6. I wish I understood 'gladiators'... but they seem like such an unfortunate choice for 99.99% of the population.
  7. Haha! Word!

    I am getting really bored of work clothes and feel I have a giant hole in my wardrobe, but I can't figure out what's more urgent and what I need. Everything in my closet look so bland - black, olive, grey, white, beige.

    And the things I want to wear, I sometimes don't have the guts to. For instance I finally got a couple of cute leggings but now I think I'm too old for it and it'll probably go out of fashion soon.

    Also I have clothes that I really love but dunno how to wear them with more than one outfit.
  8. Sophie-Rose, you'll find them on an indian reservation...

    I wish I understood gladiator sandals too. I think they just look weird, most of the time, outside of the Colosseum.

    I also really want a Chloe handbag, and there's one I found, but I don't want to pay 900 for it...
  9. I can't find the perfect pair of knee-high flat/low camel/light brown boots

    and I don't know if I should buy any new jeans other than skinny's since I generally wear tall boots all the time in the winter
  10. I have a couple new pieces that I'm having trouble coordinating into an outfit. Also I need white/cream color tops that are office appropriate w/o being the basic button up shirt. And not so thin that its see through.
  11. Rebuilding my wardrobe from the ground up. It has been woefully neglected for years while I poured all my energy and money into fixing up and decorating our house. Then, I looked at what I had and realized everything was either a tshirt/wifebeater tank top, or it was too small for me or out of date. 90% of it went to Goodwill. Of course, that leaves me with almost nothing to wear, and not a whole lot of money to buy new stuff, since we've got a wedding to pay for. So far ebay is coming through for me, but it's frustrating too since I'm treading unknown territory by starting over with my wardrobe. This would be alot easier with $10k and a personal shopper :lol:
  12. I have some that look exactly like that, but black :yahoo:! I can't wait to wear them!

    But my fashion dilemma is how mature to dress. I see all these gorgeous outfits, etc., but I don't want to look too grown-up! :nogood:
  13. I have lots of pretty dresses and stuff but no where to wear them. I finished law school and am now unemployed. Wearing a super cute Marni dress isn't practical when I'm home all day with my dog. I guess the solution to this problem is to find a job!
  14. -Same here, 14 lbs and hardly anything fits :crybaby: