What's your current bag?


Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
So even though many of us have multiple favorite bags, what tends to happen is that we get used to a certain bag and use it pretty consistantly for days at a time - sometimes weeks or months for others! So the question is what bag are you currently using? If you rotate bags everyday, what bag did you use today? Also, it may be cool to know the weather - because some of us use certain bags for certain weather conditions or during certain seasons, etc. So let's go! :yahoo:

I'll start :wlae: :
I've been really into my LV cabas piano lately. I must say, I didn't use that bag for a good 6 month period - I guess I didn't like it with my summer wardrobe and then I just sorta forgot about it. Now I'm LOVING it - it looks so cute with puffy jackets, long sleeve shirts, and puffer vests. It's cold here - high 30's - I'm in upstate NY and took it to Manhattan yesterday to see a show - I love that it's a shoulder bag so I can keep my chilly hands safe and warm in my pockets :love:


French Nanny Referee
Aug 27, 2006
My Coach duffle. I love it! :P

May 20, 2006
mono speedy 35. i got it about a month ago and have carried it everyday except for one weekend. this is huge for me, i normally change every 3 days or so. i just love the room in this bag! i thought the 30 was perfect, but the 35 is even better. i wonder if after my purse ban, ending in june, i should get a 40. does anyone have a 40? is it too big to be considered a purse and not a duffle bag?


Dec 28, 2006
I used my new My Dior Large Pockets Bag in black. I got it for Xmas and love it - I met the girls for coffee today & received lots of compliments on it. Tried to copy a picture from eluxury.com, but can't figure out how to do it.


clutch ho!
Dec 16, 2005
I've been giving 4 bags pretty much equal attention for the last two weeks or so. I've used my white Fendi spy and Vuitton silver papillon during the days and then a black Gucci clutch and my new Fendi baguette (sp?:weird: ) during nights and christmas parties.

I usually rotate the 4 or 5 newest bags at the same time but I just fell in love again with the spy and now I'm obsessed with getting another one :hysteric:

It's raining like crazy here in Iceland now and it's about 8 degrees C.


Jan 6, 2006
My Gryson Skye. It's so durable. It's misty/drizzly here and in the 50's but water doesn't phase this bag. And yesterday, I scraped the heck out of this bag in an accident. I came home and used Balenciaga conditioner on it and it looks like brand new again. Amazing.