What's your computer's desktop picture?

  1. I don't have a link, but it's a picture of the undersides of a bunch of yellow tulips and the sky...I think I got it from screeensavers.com...either that or it came with Windows...
  2. oh to be young again. Mine is a pic of my 13 year old son when he had very long hair hanging in his face and he hates seeing it but I think it keeps him going to the hair salon.
  3. A wallpaper of artwork from the game Katamari Damacy, I scaled it down for anyone that's curious. It's mildly squished since no one seems to make widescreen wallpapers !!

  4. Charm off the Coach website. V for my name. The writing is from the movie Closer (it says "I think you owe me for deceiving me so exquisitely").
  5. At the moment this picture I took this morning :biggrin: .I love anything that has to do with nature & animals.
  6. at the moment its a pic of the Athabasca Falls in Canada! Everytime i see it - it reminds me of what a great time I had in Canada! :amuse:
    Athabasca Falls02.jpg
  7. A pic of my Rose Breasted Cockatoo. Her name is Rosie. This is a pic of her enjoying a bath.
    I can't seem to post the pic. I'll keep trying. It's really a cute pic.
  8. Awsome desktop pictures. Ours is very boring. Its from the windows display, called crystal. It has various shades of blue and green.
  9. A photograph of my cat. I love the Ingres odalisque painting.
  10. Cat, love the squirrel! We feed the birds, too. And the squirrels are hilarious to watch. :o) Kat, I have a sulpher crested cockatoo, named Fancy. :o) I can't see your picture, though. :o(
  11. Mine keeps changing every 15 mins but at the moment it's of a cute baby tiger!
  12. mine is a scene from starwars made out of legos. it was hubby's idea, but i thought it was cute and kept it on there so i guess that makes me a geek too. :smile:
  13. The pride and prejudice movie poster :biggrin:
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