What's your comfort food?

  1. We all have a comfort food that we need when we feel down, guilty, or just in the mood to snack. What's your comfort food?

    Mine is lemon bars :amuse: I also enjoy warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies when lemon bars are not available.
  2. Homemade rice krispies treats with a huge glass of milk, and some X-Files reruns.
  3. Ice cream................................
  4. kashmiri lamb, pizza with pineapple and jalapenos, cochinitas piviles, Singapore noodles, chili and cornbread, chicken vindaloo, mole, moo shoo pork, devils food cake with marshmallow frosting, multi-cheese tortellini in marinara sauce - roast goose - I wish you had not asked this question. Now I feel the need to be comforted by a large dish of each of the above, as well as others I am not going to even mention because I am now too hungry and in need of comfort to type.
  5. Miso soup.
  6. Erm...as weird as it sounds, Kraft Dinner. Especially when you get the milk/butter ratio juuuuuust right. Good stuff.
  7. Pretzels and bridge mix....God I sound old!! No diaper here ..But if that day ever comes Gucci better make one!! Ha-ha!! :heart: Emmy
  8. as weird as it sounds, gum.
    i don't chew gum, i eat it. and, for whatever reason, i can eat a whole bunch of it and feel better.
    yes, i'm weird.
  9. French fries, pizza...really anything warma and lots of carbs.
  10. anything crunchy e.g. tempura, chips, etc.

    anything sweet e.g. chocolate!

    lately i've been craving jumbo jack..so bad but it's cheap and hits the spot!
  11. apple pie a la mode
  12. Indian food..I'm crazy about it! if I ever went to India I'd eat non-stop I think LOL :biggrin: & of course chocolate + Pizza..
  13. Ice cream. Gawd...I LOVE ice cream.
  14. Macaronni and cheese, fried okra, fried squash, bisquits and gravy, and pecan pie.
  15. chocolate chip cookies and donuts