What's Your Choice - CHANEL or Vuitton?

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  1. Ok. Chanel definitely gets the heads up first since posting this qns in a CHANEL forum is already in its favour =)
    But, with an unbiased opinion/choice, given the same range of spending, would you get a Chanel or a Vuitton?
    Part of me says, Chanel. Of course.
    And why Vuitton? It's such a passé isn't it.

    Everyone knows Chanel has quality issues for the last couple of years, and seriously, it really hate it when it starts sagging at the corners. I have scanned through several pre-loved collections, and I have seen enough saggy bottoms or even at the back flaps. Not to mention, the peeling and cracking etc . And Chanel's return policy isn't really in the consumer's favour.

    Vuitton, on the contrary, tends to take their quality issues seriously, and they have less qualms on its returns and repair policy. My own multi-color collection had turned color due humidity, and the SA looked into it ( cut the long story short) , they gave me back in credit-terms at current market price. My friend's W collection had peeling on it handle and same thing, replaced or credit terms given at current market rate.

    So, anyway, Vuitton's new Emp Speedy B's are pretty , but their price is isn't that cheap either. Same goes to their Capucines collections as well. And there is a new Capucine PM, and its size is perfect!
    I'm eyeing on Chanel's GOLD BAR ( small ) and yet was tempted into these 2 LVs.

    What do you think. What's your choice?
    Have you ever bought a Vuitton over a Chanel?
  2. I was wondering this myself so I'm glad you started this topic! I was primarily a Chanel girl until the LV Saint Germaine pm caught my eye. It fit the requirements I was looking for at the time, while the chanel choices did not so I bought LV For the first time in years. Now the city steamer has caught my eye, but then I happened upon a new Chanel tote that could possibly knock the steamer off my list. Chanel typically is my first choice, however the new leather LV's have definitely turned my head. One thing that appeals to me is that LV never goes on sale while Chanel does, albeit they are seasonal selections. On the other hand, there's just something about Chanel and the elegance and femininity it symbolizes and embodies that makes me catch my breath.
  3. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this!
    Indeed so, Chanel brand image is far better than Vuitton ( think: Canvas and Monogram ), but I really have to say, Vuitton's bags do lasts longer and some even ages with grace! I have mine Speedy for more than a decade, but it's still so pretty and great to use! It's smthg that sits in the closest and yet looks great when you bring her out.
  4. chanel all the way despite its current quality issues!! i was never really into LV, just a few SLGs and my neverfull. that's it.
  5. Chanel,like comparing,quick save to waitrose.chanel leads by a mile.
  6. I feel like for beauty and class, Chanel definitely wins. However, in terms of functionality and durability I still prefer LV. My LVs are my workhorse bags and I'm never afraid to use them, and they do age beautifully. Chanel is more delicate and I have to be careful about when I use them, especially with kids.
  7. I'll go Chanel all the way...
    I have had many bags from many brands but somehow I was never attracted to LV...
    I've always been a sucker for those gloriously beautiful leather....
  8. Can't beat the classic look of a Chanel.
  9. I was never a fan of LV bags (particularly the canvas). I do own 1 LV bag in leather (a Go-14) and several canvas SLGs because they usually take up less space than Chanel SLGs. But as far as bags go, Chanel all the way. I guess I've been pretty lucky in that I haven't personally experienced any quality issues with Chanel and their customer service has been exceptional.

    As for the bags you are considering, my vote is for the gold bar. The Capucine is a nice looking bag and would be my second choice, but I've heard it can be very heavy. I do not like the look of the speedy AT ALL (I might be the only one! lol).
  10. In time, I found myself liking both Chanel and LV. It really just depends on the bag. With LV, I mostly go for leather pieces. There was time where I was in a Chanel only phase and thought I would never buy LV. But then LV came out with a bag that I loved unexpectedly so and I purchased it. Nothing will ever come between me and my Chanel flaps :smile: but I still like LV pieces. If it makes my heart sing, why not :P I just feel like my interests in both brands are different. My LV choices are always fun, quirky, and sometimes unusual; while my Chanel purchases are usually classic and fabulous imo :smile: They all have their own purpose in my day to day life.
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  11. Why have to choose? I like both, it's like comparing apples to oranges, and I like both those fruit!
  12. I own both, I like both. It depends on the special bag. My new WOC has quality issues and before using it for the first time I had to send it to repair. It lasts 6 weeks and the SA was not really friendly to me. That was not a good experience. But I love my WOC!!!
    I had quality issues with my LV bags, too. One with glanzing issues-I got a new bag. Two Alma's with wrinkles under the handels-2 new bags. I had Never problems with their services. From the look: Chanel is classy, LV a little more modern/younger.

    I like both brands bags and it depends on the special ocassion, color, Model and weight which I would buy.
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  13. +1.
  14. Chanel. Can't beat the history, quality and look of Chanel. Plus, too many people carry LV so it doesn't feel special anymore. Literally every woman in DC has a Neverfull speedy in ebene or monogram. And I especially notice many moms carrying it as a diaper bag. Ugh.
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  15. Chanel and LV bags are completely different I think.
    Recently I bought Capucine bb and think that I Like her more than Chanel flap
    It is not so common but sure is classy and casual in the same time