What's your CHOICE bag for a night of dancing?

  1. I'm usually a medium to large purse kind of girl. I love all kinds from my LV bucket to my Channel Jumbo flap to my Balenciaga first to my MJ, but they're all quite substantial for a night of dancing in a crowded lounge. I can fit almost everything I need in them, but I have to down-size because I love to dance and I can't keep bashing the passersby!

    What's your bag of choice for a night of dancing?

    I was thinking perhaps a LV pappillon, a smaller classic channel (the adjustable stap seems perfect)...I don't think I'd bring a balenciaga with me, the tassels seem to get in my way!
  2. for a night out, i usually prefer clutches. if i'm going dancing then i need something with a strap. i hate having to hold onto something when i just want to bop around with my friends. i usually bring my black chanel caviar 2.55 reissue. it's big enough to fit everything i need and it's small enough that it won't get in the way.
  3. I'm i'm going dancing-which i haven't in ages-. I don't even take a bag. I just make sure to wear something with pockets.

    One of my friends used to have this little case-about the size of a card holder, that she would velcro around her ankle. she'd keep her id and cash in that and call it a night.
  4. If you're wearing something with pockets...
    Coach Mini Skinny or Chanel Card case - both wonderful, but I think that Coach has a slight edge in that the center pocket zips. Both big enough for a couple of cards and some cash.
    Otherwise, a wristlet with a strap. I hate keeping track and worrying about my stuff. I want it semi-attached to me.
  5. I'm probably going to buy an LV Pochette for my gala. I would NOT pick an LV Papillon, b/c I heard it doesn't stay on your shoulder very confortable, so while dancing it will probably slide off right away!
  6. i have the pappillon...def no good for dancing. i stick with clutches or if you want ur hands free, Coach wristlets get the job done :yes:
  7. wow nice ideas, I'm not so neat or graceful after i've had a few drinks with the girls, so I don't think I will go reissue...

    I do have a pouchette, but does anyone notice how small the strap is? Is there a longer one or something?
  8. i have a coach wristlet...but i find I wack people when i swing my arms. :sad:

    the pappillon is so pretty...i'm sad it doesn't stay on.
  9. I was also thinking about the cuff bag by Linz. Anyone remember that bag Paris H. put on the map. It's a little on the...uh...cheap trashy side, but the cool part was the working handcuff! So you could handcuff and lock your small bag to your wrist or belt of wherever!

    I dunno, I think pouchette is the way to go. Just gotta find a longer strap.
  10. That's what the Pochette Extender is for :yes: It's a bit pricey though. Some crafty people posted beautiful homemade extenders in the LV forum, you should take a look :smile:

  11. OOOOhhh Thank you so much!:yahoo:
  12. I don't carry much when I go out, so my LV Mini Pochette is perfect. It holds all my essentials and has a lovely gold chain that allows me to put it on my shoulder or use it as a wristlet.
  13. I own neither, but the LV mini pochette or mc eliza seem like they'd be good choices.
  14. Chanel Timeless Clutch or Chanel Expandable Flap. :yes:

    I always have keys and a phone with me and I like to have those things in a bag rather than holding them loosely in my hands and forgetting them somewhere.
  15. Girl...the Pochette with the extender is the way to go! I actually bought the pricey little extender when I bought my pochette because I saw that everyone else had them, but I don't even use it for that now.

    And yes I LOVE the cuffs purses by Linz. I'll get one if you get one...