what's your chanel fragrance?

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  1. I took the Chanel test and they said I was "Chance", but my sister and I just left Foley's and I told her Coco was my favorite! Particularly "Madamoiselle". What was yours?
  2. i didn't take the test, but my all-time favorite is chanel no. 5 elixir sensuel. it's oil based and smells ever so slightly different than regular no. 5. i think it's being discontinued, so i better buy in bulk now :sad:
  3. What Chanel test? :weird:
  4. Chanel N°5 and Allure.
  5. Chance!
    And Allure Homme is so hot on guys ;)
  6. Most of them are too 'old ladyish' for my taste, but if I'd had to choose it would definitely be Allure. My mom loves it too.
  7. i love chance!
  8. I like Chance by Chanel (:
  9. no. 22
  10. I personally love Allure...so soft.
  11. I didn't take the test but i've always been using Allure. I'm thinking of getting Chance, i heard that it smells good.
  12. I didn't take the test either, but I love Chanel no 5. My mom got me my first Chanel no 5 back in HS, and I've loved it ever since.
  13. I love Allure and no. 22. 22 is not as popular, but I've always liked it...especially in the winter for some reason.
  14. where's this test?
  15. Chanel No. 5 - "share the fantasy"