What's your cellphone's ringtone???

  1. i change it quite often, at the moment it is 'every you every me' by placebo.
  2. Mine is Britney Spears "Toxic" for everyone, but I have a special one for my honey. His is Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" :love:
  3. simple plan - i'd do anything
  4. Ever since I had it, it's set to Happy Cricket.
  5. Currently it's the Law & Order theme song. It changes often though.
  6. Hemmorhage in My Hands by Fuel. I also have Show Me How to Live by Audioslave.

    When my husband calls, I have this cheesy-sounding guy singing a-capella....he says "Lori, Lori, oh Loooooreeee....pick up the phoooooooone!" It's hilarious!
  7. mine is sometimes 'you'll never walk alone' which is the football anthem for my football/soccer team but at the moment its arctic monkeys 'from the ritz to the rubble' and theyre my message tone too with 'when the sun goes down'

    btw if you havent heard them try and listen theyre brill! indie music though so dont be expecting ballads or nothing lol
  8. too fast for love
  9. Super Mario Brothers theme - love the 80s :=)
  10. Mine is the theme song to Sex in the City! What is yours??
  11. Mine is "London Bridge" by Fergie :jammin:
  12. ooh I'd love to have that! Currently I have 'New Shoes' by Paolo Nutini, but I prefer my text tones more - I have Sloth from Goonies hollering 'HEY YOU GUYS' or my friend who recorded herself going 'prr prr miaow' as a surprise for me. it's fun!
  13. used to be a tune called 'shanghai', just a generic one now with my new cell...
  14. The original Mario Brothers.
  15. Suddenly I see