What's your cellphone's ringtone???

  1. i never said what i changed it to! :smile: since this thread got brought to the front page again.... :smile:

    i changed to the sir robin song from monty python. makes me smile every time it rings (for about three seconds until i realize i have to answer the phone and talk on it...i hate the phone)

    rent is good. :smile:
  2. I had a cool jazzy tone...key word...HAD !!!! I lost my pink razor last night. So pissed...thank goodness my husband downloaded all my numbers into my computer. Someone is enjoying my cool phone. (basturds) lol
  3. I have a lot for different people:
    default= head over heels by tears for fears
    boyfriend= mexico by cake
    brother= put your hands where my eyes can see by busta rhymes mom= baillamos by enrique
    dad= psycho killer by talking heads (he's not psycho he just likes talking heads and that's my fave song by them!)

    There's a website where you can get free ringtones= www.mobile17.com I'm not sure how to use it my boyfriend does, but u use an mp3 from your comp. to send a picture message to your phone containing the sound clip (20 seconds is for a good tone). Try it out!!
  4. Island in the Sun by Weezer
  5. Main/Default = Theme from Halloween (the horror movie - I have a hate/hate relationship with my phone...just scary)
    Hubby (PHH) = No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper)
    Mom = Munsters Theme
    Best Friend = Sex and the City

    ...there are more, but I hear those most often.
  6. General: Goodies
    Close family: Pink Panther
    Hubby: Take my breath away
  7. Main/default: Madonna - Hung Up (verse) "ring ring ring goes the telephone... i'm hung up" etc.
    Family Members: J.Lo - Get Right
    Regular Friends: DC3 - Lose My Breath remix
    Gay SoCal Friends: PCD - Dont Cha
    Gay NorCal Friends: Britney Spears - Outrageous
    Work: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    V6P.net Friends: Ciara - 1, 2 Step
    boyfriend: PCD - Stickwitu

    yea, it's a lot.. but i have a lot of ringtones, so i want to use them all. lol. I should make one separate for Mom & Dad, and one separate for my sister. lol.
  8. I alternate betwee Mo Money Mo Problems - Notorious BIG & Charlie's Angels theme from the TV show
  9. Mine is from the movie Kill Bill - Twisted Nerve
  10. :idea: mine is One Thing by Amerie :smile:
  11. Hips don't lie - Shakira
  12. Layla - Eric Clapton, and the Ghostbusters theme. :shame:
  13. Linus and Lucy.
  14. Coldplay!!!!!!!! "Talk"
  15. So jealous! I keep looking for T-mobile to come out w/ that ringer (my fav song) but so far nothing :sad: Until then, I have Beverly Hills-Weezer