What's your cellphone's ringtone???

  1. I have the same one :lol:
  2. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

    My husband loves Van Morrison, the song has a catchy opening, and after all, my two daughters and I have brown eyes!

    Yeah, I'm showing my age with this one!
  3. i have "brush your shoulders off" by jay-z (i think that's what it's called), i've been thinking recently that maybe i should change. for a long time it was "freak-a-leak" by petey pablo, but that one worried my father whenever i was home, ha.
  4. Oh, I get so confused when cell phones ring..don't know if it's mine so I have a plain "ring, ring, you have an incoming call" so simple but right to the point
  5. The main ringtone on my cell is You're Beautiful by James Blunt.
    When the boyfriend calls it's Hey Mickey (he picked it out... I don't know why!).
  6. My main ring tone is "One-Eighty By Summer" by Taking Back Sunday (it's the intro guitar). The one I set for my sweetie is a clip from "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll" by The Killers. ^_^ For TXT messages I use a voice clip from my favorite movie of all time, Kill Bill (the clip happens to be from Vol. 1), and for voice mails, I have "Tropicalia" by Beck. By the way, I make all of my own ring tones. Y'all should check it out! It's only $8 to join, and that's a one time fee! It's great for cell fanatics like myself... www.freeringers.net .
  7. ooo that's cool i might have to join that. i'm a music freak, but i like mostly indie stuff, so it's hard to find ringtones of my fave songs
  8. "Push it" by salt-n-pepa
  9. Main one is "Fraggle Rock"
    My Mom- "I just called to say I love you"
    Sister- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Friend- The Wonderful thing about Tigger
    I can't remember everything else.
  10. Same :love:
  11. I have two...crazy train (ozzy) and get ur freak on (missy E)

  12. Me too!

  13. boyfriend: stick w/you pcd
    best friend: you should let me love you mario
    everyone else: a tone that came w/the phone
  14. Dreaming-Blondie =D
  15. Seasons of Love from Rent

    I'm such a theatre geek!