What's your carry-on?

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  1. Mine: a Vera Bradley duffel, in a blue paisley pattern... weighs nothing which is important to me!

    And yours? :idea:
  2. A large Gucci tote for shorter flights and a huge Burberry duffle for longer ones. I'm actually hoping to get an LV trolley sometime this year to replace the Burb simply because of it's weight :Push:
  3. Mine: A fugly-a$$ green Target-bought rollerbag that meets the LxWxH dimensions of most major airlines. It is heavier than lead but at least two percent of the time I can find some willing sucker to hoist that bad boy into the overhead bin above my seat. My lovely 20 lb work-supplied laptop is always (and I mean ALWAYS) tucked neatly into it's work-supplied 15 lb accompanied bag. That's all I have.
  4. LV keepall 60 and my bag of the moment.
  5. I keep switching because I'm never satisfied. Something is always not right. My latest is Herve Chapelier 925N tote. I haven't tried it out yet on a trip, but I like that it's roomy, light, and I can toss it in the washer if it gets dirty.
  6. It's usually whatever handbag I want to use on the trip. I just got a nylon Tod's bag though (the large Pashmy bauletto), so I think I'll be making that my staple.
  7. My carry on luggage is a High Sierra piece of luggage my dad got from some conference from Deloitte. It was sitting in his attic, unused, until mine broke before a trip and I didn't have tiem to get something else, so I grabbed it... and I LOVE it. It fits everything and fits perfectly into that size thing they make you prove sometimes, like in London. It has held up better than the two sets of Samsonite I had before it. I love it.

    And for a carry on purse I use an Herve tote or Longchamp. I don't really want to have to worry about any of my carry on pieces.
  8. When I'm traveling for work, I use a Victorinox laptop backpack. It's a bit dorky but holds a TON and the backpack helps me schlep it through airports quite easily and without hurting myself.

    If I'm traveling for pleasure and don't bring my laptop, I use a Longchamp Le Pilage tote.

    Plus a fab purse, of course. :tup: :lol:
  9. Chanel luxe ligne tote in black patent and Chanel black patent jumbo flap. Black patent is so care free and doesn't get dirty, so I don't have to worry about it getting messed up on a long flight. :yes:
  10. I either carry my LV Keepall or my old beat-up Samsonite trolley.
  11. I have a samsonite trolley thing. I usually fit about 2 days worth of clothes in case my luggage get lost.
  12. LV Keepall
  13. Coach Black/gunmetal large signature stripe tote. Nice straps stay well on my should if need be and it holds a ton.
  14. I have a Longchamp Les Pliages duffel bag. I love it because it's super light, stays clean, folds up small for storage, and I can fit a weeks worth of clothes in it if I pack carefully. I do wish it had a shoulder strap though- it's handheld only which can get uncomfortable if I'm walking through the airport.