What's Your Career?

  1. Hey! I am starting to think about careers and colleges but I have no idea what I want to do with my life so I would really appreciate it if some people would post their job, details & descriptions about what they do, office life, how the job affects their life away from the office, and any other details you would like to share! Thank you so much to whoever posts something because you have no idea how much I appreciate this information!:yes:
  2. I was thinking about starting a thread like this, thank you!

    I am in my last year of school for Accountancy. Anyone here an Accountant? Or in the tax field? I'm not sure what I want to do with my degree once I get it.. :shrugs:
  3. I went to school for nursing. With a nursing degree you have so many different options to choose from. You can select from bedside nursing to advance practice in health care to administrative, case management, research, sales, education, flight nursing and many more.
    It is a very challenging career but so very rewarding.
    Best of luck with your career choice.
    I would also suggest if you have the time, to interview and shadow a person in your career of interest, this way you can have a better understanding of the careers that interest you and would like to pursue.
  4. i graduated from visual communication design degree.
    and i went to work at an advertising company as an art director for two years straight from university.
    after that, i freelance at some dvertising companies as art director, and strated my own small studii with my bf, we're doing photography, video and design.
    now i'm working as a producer, art director, graphic designer, fashion stylist, everything basically :smile:
  5. It is great that you are being proactive with your future! In my case, I really didn't have too much direction in terms of a carrier growing up, although I wish I did. I kind of toyed with the thought of being a teacher, but I didn't really pursue a degree in that as my parent's thought it would be much more useful to have a business degree. Therefore I got a Bachelors with a major in Corporate Communications. From a young age I worked at banks, offices, etc. then after graduation I got a job in Insurance and have been doing that ever since.

    Only now, four years after graduating with my Bachelors am I reall starting to think about my career. I have honestly grown to love Insurance (I know!) but am wondering if there are other fields that would peak my interest as well. I started to look into Fashion and that's where I'm at now.

    I think with a lot of office jobs the basic skills and knowledge are pretty much the same. It's just a matter to learning the knowledge specific to your field.

    If you really know what you want to do, GO FOR IT and start now because you'll give yourself a nice head start.
  6. LOL this is going to be interesting because my life is in such a mess because of my job but I’m still in it after 8 years!

    I’m an investment banker. Some people say we are masters of the universe. May be so, but I’m not the master of my own life. I am a trader (but not one that sits in an ‘abattoir’ – our firm’s slang for the trading room – with people screaming at each other): a proprietary trader to be precise. I get a bit of cash from the firm and I gamble it, for the benefit of the firm and take a cut on it, on whether the Federal Reserve and other central banks are going raise their interest rates or not.

    I used to be a bit fortunate about it because I traded a commodity that got serious for only four hours a day but now I am into something completely different. My office day involves getting up at 6.00 and get to work by 7.30 to talk to my director and colleagues on how we are going make money today. Then basically I just sit in front of a computer set up with four screens until 4.30 or 5pm depending on the day’s situation to look at ways that I can squeeze out a 0.2% change which I can translate into a 2% change through some random clicks with my mouse.

    I have no social life, the men in my trading group make nasty jokes about me everyday, I go into a serious panic mode if I lose anything with more than 5 zeros in it (6 zeros upwards is especially scary). Put it this way, I am assigned a psychologist by my firm! Probably affected my choice of fiancé as well because he is also a psychologist and he has to keep me sane, LOL.

    So you are going to ask me why am I still doing this job. Essentially it is because I’ve sold my soul to the devil. I’m just a greedy, blonde bimbo obsessed with pursuit of potentially limitless wealth, LOL. Think Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko in Wall Street; now my compulsory mantra is greed is good. I got in but though I want to get out, I can’t especially when I ponder what I am going to do to get the same number of zeros of my pay check, LOL.

    So for the lady who started the thread, if you want to sell your soul to the devil like me, you don’t have to graduate with any degree/major in particular: you can study about anything because we have a Serbian fighter pilot in our firm! So contrary to the belief, investment banks don’t just take people with quantitative degrees, you just have to demonstrate to the ‘devil’ that you know how to take risks and where those risks ripe for taking are. I checked this out for another lady on this board when she asked me about my job earlier this year, your first pay packet will be standard $60,000 with potentially 50% bonus if you are vaguely decent!
  7. I don't have a career, I guess.
    I currently process Medicare claims.
    I went to school for Anthropology and Criminal justice and want to get into some time of investigative position.
  8. To: Bee...Bee: I sorta know what you mean because I'm not going to lie, I want to enter a career field that pays extremely well! And did your banking (you work in banking right?) firm really assign you a physchologist?

    To Everyone else: Thank you so much for your responses & keep them coming lol!

    A couple of career ideas that have been pretty prominent in my thinking have been becoming a lawyer or going into the business career field. If any of you are in either of these fields than please tell me about it! Thanks!
  9. Ooookay. I would recommend you find out what you are good at first. Anyone can go into a "high paying field" and then fail miserably because it is not what you were cut out for. Just asking people what to do is not an answer.

    Having said that - I am an engineer (no I have not failed miserably but it is not ideal). My dad was an engineer and so were all of his friends. I make A LOT of money. Unfortunately I don't like it too much. Wish I could have had better advice from the beginning. The reason I chose engineering? Well money.. and it is definitely interesting work. Kicks a$$ to see products I've worked on advertised on TV and the WWW (and you might even be using one right now.. wierd, eh?) My point is that it doesn't fulfill me and I see most people are better at it than me. If I was granted the opportunity to start over I would choose something else - something that allowed me to go to work happy that I had an 80 hour a week job - not sad. Hope that helps.
  10. I have a degree in journalism, minor in political science. I went to college focused on becoming a reporter. That's what I wanted to do, since I love to write, am really into current events and politics, and have a strong love for the English language, but did not want to become a teacher. I interned at a TV news station my sophomore year of college, and decided I didn't want to go into television. My senior year, I intered at a newspaper and really enjoyed it. However, in the end I decided to go into media/public relations, after a media/PR internship with Orlando's largest hospital.

    Now, I do media/PR/outreach and education for the state. It does have its days! :rolleyes: But, I do have to say that I enjoy my job, maybe about 80 percent of the time? Sometimes I am in the office all day - I work on our Web site, schedule events, answer citizen inquiries - and sometimes I'm out in the field, doing presentations, meeting with our government partners, working events, etc. It doesn't pay much, but when what you're doing isn't half bad, I can live with a measly salary for a while ;) The people I work with are awesome... really. Everyone there is very knowledgeable, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for someone else.

    Good luck in your career decision. My advice would be to go with what you really enjoy doing. Don't pick a career just for the money. It's worth it to choose something that you're all right with walking into that office five days a week at 8 a.m.
  11. I am a registered nurse ( for 10 years now) and I've recruited my younger sis who will start the Nursing program next year. Rn's are in high demand, and you have the ability to make serious money (6 figures) if your willing to work a lot. It also gives you the freedom of only working part time and making what most people make working full time if you ever decide to start a family. The days and hours are flexible...not 9 to 5. You can work 12 hour shifts or 8 hour shifts. But you should enjoy classes such as anatomy and physiology..although you don't have to do bedside care. I am so glad I chose this profession.
  12. Hi

    I wanted to post a reply because I think I went into the wrong kind of degree and that changed what I can really do with my life quite a lot.

    I was always v arty but was also good at school and everyone expected me to do something brainy. So I studied history (which i love) but I've been floating about the job market ever since and there's nothing that has taken my interest enough for me to want to make an effort to get into it...!!

    I decided about a year and a half ago that I wanted to get into fashion and design but I couldnt afford to go back to college so I took some night classes in bag making and have been designing and making bags ever since. I did sew a lot when I was a kid so I kinda knew some of the ropes already but its a learn-on-the-job kind of thing anyway. I read all the magazines I can, research everything as much as possible and recently even got one of my bags into UK Vogue!

    So I'd say that its never too late and you can always find a way to get into what you want to do if you really really want it.

    Good luck!
  13. You have to do what you love and what you like. Do you have any subjects that really spark an interest with you? That's what you're going to succeed most in.

    I have finally gotten my act together, but I can totally tell you what not to do and what to do with college and life after college. But really if you don't know what you want to do, you need to be undecided while you decide what you want to do. Don't jump into anything you're not really sure about. Just give yourself some time to really make YOUR mind up and don't be influenced by family and friends on what YOU should do with the rest of YOUR life.
  14. To christine aus: I agree with you about doing what you love but of course I still want to be successful so my goal is to find something I love & pays pretty good (is that possible? I hope it is!)!

    Okay, well here's a little bit myself. The one thing that I dislike & don't understand mostly is mathematics (algebra, geometry, etc.) & it shows since I usually make either a B or a C in that class & I make A's in my other classes (excluding foreign language, that's usually a B). I love being around people & meeting new people since I'm pretty outgoing. I am also pretty creative & imaginative. I love attending events. And I thought I would just say that I scored an ENFP on this personality test (I think it was Miers-Briggs?) that my dad had me take. The two career fields that I have really been thinking about lately are business & becoming a lawyer. I'm not quite sure but I feel like I've always gravitated toward these two careers. And I have also considered the idea of trying to pursue a job as an editor in a fashion magazine but the idea of moving to New York always makes me hesitant if that's what I really want to do. Thanks again to everyone that post something! :smile:
  15. Oh yes & I forgot to add that when I get interested or intrigued in something I will do whatever it takes to find out as much information about it as possible. My dad used to tease me about it when I was younger lol :yes: