What's your budget for LV each year?

  1. I guess the title explains it all, so how much do you budget for your LV purchases each year? With the neverending wish list, I am just curious as to how much tpf'ers spend on these beautiful pieces each year. Do you set a budget and stick with it or you just go with the flow? :sweatdrop:

    Maybe I'm just trying to convince myself that I've set my budget too low... :shame: coz I don't think I can stick with my budget once the watercolor speedy is out.

    Budget: $2000
  2. hmm...i save everyday and when the right bag comes along and i have enough money.. i iwll get it...
  3. I don't bother because I know I won't adhere to it!
    Watercolor Speedy blew my budget for the year also! :yes:
  4. Hmmm....the I MUST have it budget? :shame:
  5. about 15k
  6. dont have one, i just buy what i like.
  7. I don't really have a budget per se, but probably spend about $5,000-$6,000 total (but that's for me and the girls).
  8. My budget will be more than last years...
  9. i don't set one because i know i'll go over budget. good thread.
  10. I don't really have a set budget, just enough to keep me happy !

  11. WOWOWO..:wtf: THAT alot...:graucho:i am jealous of the bags u can buy
  12. I have no budget coz it depends what attracts me
  13. Estimated budget for this year: $1K for my damier speedy or neverfull, and a small accessory. I just had a baby, so I must set a small budget!

    What I'll probably end up spending anyway: $$$$$$$$$$!!!

    Hopefully I'll be good this year, because last year I spent nearly three times my budget!
  14. no budget...i try to buy 2-3 bags a year...not necessarily new either...could be from second hand stores...then I save some money to buy more!
  15. ummm... on average 15K too. I spent more last year than the year before... but I plan on dramatically decreasing my spendings this year on LV... I need to .... DIVERGE lol... to .....................