Whats your bra size?????????????

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  1. okay this was inspired by the "underwear" thread. And I am in the process of polishing off a great bottle of pinot - so I'm feeling a lil cheeky.

    as stated before for the record, I am 36 B.

  2. 42dd
  3. 36C. Maybe you could ask to say the size and if they are real or phony.
  4. 36D I love a love/hate relationship w/ my twins. lol
  5. 38D, sometimes 38C.
  6. 40ddd
  7. okay man its like high school all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. goood point. we're talking pre op here ladies.
  9. lol my D's are allllllll natural :-P
  10. you are my hero! my B? all natural baby!
  11. Yea, my puppies are home grown, Grade DD.
  12. you guys made girls like me invisible in high school. just so you know.
  13. lol wanna borrow a little bit of mine? maybe then i could buy a f:censor:cking button down shirt!
  14. :lol: Aw, girl come on now. No one could make you disappear. You are bagnshoofetish, owner of the hottest club on tpf!
  15. You have that problem too. That middle button is always the death of me.
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