What's your biggest Kooba mistake??

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  1. LOL! I laughed out loud when I read this - my toffee Nisha has the same issues! I have no idea why, but my hair gets constantly caught in the grommets & lacing of the shoulder strap. Because of this I've only worn her 2 or 3 times in the 4 months I've owned her.

    Strange, because I have three Marcelle's which have the same type of grommets and lacing (though double handles) and it doesn't happen with them.
  2. I'm afraid it might be my...white Marcelle. ~sigh~ I *love* her to pieces, but I am afraid to wear her out after reading of all the experiences with white Koobas discoloring (rubbing on jeans, yellowing, etc.).

    Anyone with a white Marcelle who can vouch for its durability? Or of its ease to clean? :confused1:
  3. So funny you mention a white Marcelle, I just bought an ivory one this morning from NM. I also have an ivory Sienna that I have worn quite a bit lately and have had not a single problem with it. No color transfers, no staining, no dirt marks or smudges. I'm careful with my bags though for sure and I haven't had it that long.
  4. Wow - great timing! If you bought it this morning you certainly got a fabulous deal! :tup:

    I should correct myself. I said "white" when it is indeed Ivory. I've only carried mine once, wearing light clothing, and directly to work. It's such a great spring/summer bag I really want to take her out. I think I will tomorrow. I'll never know until I try and I'm typically very careful with my bags as well.

    Thanks for the info on your Ivory Sienna. =)
  5. Yes, it was a great deal. Just one of them popped up on NM this morning and I've always loved the Marcelle style so I went for it.

    I say go ahead and wear your beautiful Marcelle, even in ivory. That's what I've decided to do with my ivory Sienna. Just enjoy it! If it gets a little dirty, it can be cleaned. And, after all, we don't necessarily want them to last forever. You'll want a new Kooba down the road, right? :graucho:
  6. I would like to know why there are no Kooba wallets??? I'd love a match!
  7. Sadly, its my white Carla. I love her look, but realised how high maintenance she can be when she came into close contact with my jeans. Now I only use my Carla when I wear white capris, but she STILL managed to pick up smudges.
  8. that would be fabulous!