What's your biggest Kooba mistake??

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  1. Lol mini! Your earlier post had me running over to the NM website to see if they'd opened one under my nose! I live in the Seattle area myself and I know that one will be opening in the next year or so! Yippee! :yahoo: (However, the DH: he's not so thrilled. Wonder why?)
  2. I am living my biggest Kooba mistake at the moment. That is, I haven't bought my Jillian yet, and I am still on my purse ban until the end of the year. Yuck!! I would have paid the big bucks for it, too, if I weren't on this ban. I am hoping that by the end of the year, I just might find one at Off Fifth or on a big 30% sale from Off Fifth that comes around every now and then........:crybaby: Oh, and I just hate the fact that Vicious Bliss gets to model all those beautiful bags, too!!!
  3. Mine is the Lena in honey I got from Revolve. Love the look of the bag but it's smelled so bad since I got it I cannot possibly take it out in public!
  4. ^^^
    Ok, so the Honey Lena smells as well, not just the Bark...

    Wonder why my black one didn't...
  5. I love my Kooba Claudia but my hair constantly gets caught in the rivetts! Anyone else have torn hair stuck in the rivetts on the strap? LOL
  6. Definately Sienna...way too heavy. I never use it. But I love my Chiara...I love the studs!
  7. I am the same exact way!! But the irony is that, it isn't necessarily for the style...
    It is due to the fact it was the CREAM SCARLETT!! :sad:

    I mentioned in a previous thread about my problem w/ my CREAM Scarlett... that over time, esp in the sun,
    the color seemed to have changed to a more yellowish hue! :yucky:

    I love the size for the everyday, quick errands, but the color change and dirt transfer has made this bag unwearable now! :crybaby:
  8. LOL....Seeing as this thread has risen from the ashes,
    Im gonna chance my 'mistake' to my Brynne! Shouldnt have got it. Mind you I got a carpet cleaner out of it.
    Im actually making use of my Scarlett, and now the leather has softened up and the colour has patina-ed, it looks quite nice! :yes:
  9. Halzer! Why don't you care for your Brynne? I saw a picture with Hayden Pan-somebody from Heroes and she was carrying a Brynne and it looked very sexy! Was it too heavy?? Heaviness can be a big mistake, for sure.
  10. Halzer, you've flipped, how can a carpet cleaner be more appealing than a Brynne? Please help me try and understand.
  11. Firstly, the colour I bought it in (camel) was a bit 'bleugh' in real life, so as we all know, I DIY-ed it. But still I found the bag boring. The corset design is small, in the centre and at the top, so when you carry it on the shoulder, you dont see it at all, and it looks like any old run-of-the-mill sac bag.
    My Ada has that pebbled leather all over, plus the studs all the way down, so it still rocks when you wear it. Even my Lena looks good on the shoulder as the straps are long so the belted details are still visible.
    Anyway ,I made a good trade with the Brynne. Cream carpets mixed with a 2 and 3 year old spells trouble!! :lol:
  12. Well, my biggest Kooba mistake has been . . . all the Koobas I didn't buy: Jessie in Java, Sienna in black, Jillian in any color, the list goes on. The ones I do have: Sienna in espresso and ivory and Brynne in black, I really love!!
  13. Youngster......you and I are riding the same bus. :rolleyes:
  14. No kidding Rose. :girlsigh: Let's look on the bright side: think of the money we have saved and how many future bags there are to look forward to. And, you might always find one of the elusive ones "that got away" on e-bay, (or when they show up for 2 milliseconds on NM).
  15. I bought the Lena in black at the last SS when I should have just bought the Sienna. The Sienna would have been easier to carry and while I like the look of the Lena I dont like it for $250. I couldn't return it so it's sitting in the plastic bag it came with in the back of my closet until I figure out what to do with it. That was a huge waste of $$.