What's your biggest Kooba mistake??

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  1. Ok...

    So whats the biggest Kooba mistake you have made? Maybe you bought one without seeing it in real life...and then you didnt like it?

    Or which bag did you buy, thinking that you love forever, and then have hardly used?

    Mine is that cursed scarlett!!! I love the desert shade so much, but I think the design looks too small on me, and plus the style doesnt go with anything I usually wear. For some reason it reminds me of Indiana Jones... :shrugs:

    Which of your koobas have been banished to the closet or flogged off cheap because you just didnt use it?
  2. I bought the sloane in honey, loved the color but hated the style. I just sent it back and got a full refund though.
  3. Ahhh...you got me here. Too many to count. I am a compulsive "Try a bag on" person. I tend to be compulsive in my wants and then they don't match my needs.

    I've owned so so many Koobas that I don't have anymore. Even though I love Kooba, I can't admit to loving everything they made.

    I would say my biggest mistake was the Mackenzie. I never used it. I have no need for a small clutch and it sat in the closet for 6 months before I sold it. I say my biggest mistake because these little bags are quite expensive for the amount of purse you get. I really think the clutches are way overpriced.
  4. Probably my biggest mistake is not taking the time to really THINK about a bag before I buy it. And I tend to buy the vintage ones on a whim, a split second decision, and wham-bang, I own another one.

    I own 10 Koobas now and know it is too many to really use them properly. And this ties up money I could spend on other brands so I cannot branch out as far.

    One thing nice though, I really DO love all of the ones I have chosen, not a bad one in the bunch. And they are all recent purchases, bought since Feb. of this year.

    I suspect by Fall there may be a few I will weed out and sell to make way for new styles.

    You know what though....I rather like owning a bag for awhile, trying it on for size, taking it out and about and trading it in as my tastes change.

    I do it with clothes, why not bags?
  5. No mistakes yet, but I only have two and tried them both on before buying. I fell in love with Ginger online and still loved her when I went to the sample sale to buy her. I also loved Nicole online, but when I went to Bloomies to try her on, I fell in love with Charlie instead.
  6. I got a Sienna in desert last year. Next time I'll get one in black (assuming I could find one). The handles really patina'd faster than I'd like and while I still love the bag I didn't realize how fast the leather would show wear and tear.
  7. Buying the Kooba Natasha patent caramel, its lovely but i dont think it suits me and its too late for me to return it!
  8. One of my mistakes was selling my Silver Lucy, but ended up recouping it again! So that was a mistake that was rectified!
  9. My only Kooba blooper was my ivory Lucy. I carried it for less than a week, and afterwards it looked as though I carried it for two months. Color transfer, dirty handles, etc. The leather was just so light and soft that it picked up everything it touched. Thankfully, I was able to clean it up and get most of my money back on eBay. Unless I hear rave reviews in the future about light-colored Kooba leather, I'll probably steer clear.
  10. ABSOLUTELY. I sold all my ivory Koobas - claudia, chiara and marcelle. NOOOOOO WAAAAYYYY!!! I didn't even wear it out of the house - looking at it made it dirty!!!:wlae:
  11. I guess the first Sienna I ever received - an orange one my bf bought me. It's ridiculously heavy, and the colour doesn't go with much. I thought it was going to be like brown, but a spicier version but it didn't really work out that way. :lol: I'll never sell it though as it has sentimental value.

    Also, my 2nd Kooba bag - the ADA woven tote. Weighs like 50 pounds with nothing in it (i exaggerate but it's damn heavy) and the straps are so short you can't carry it on your shoulder. So kinda like carrying a bowling ball around.

    Kinda weird how much I :heart: Kooba but can never really find a good fit. I like my Carla though. I wanna get another! :yes:
  12. My biggest Kooba mistake is.... not knowing about Kooba! I'm sure you'll all forgive me though, as I work in Saudi Arabia, so Koobas are not the norm. During our 5 week vacation back home in Washington (in April), hubby and I were looking for a dark brown handbag, and we popped into Neiman Marcus in Bellevue, WA and low and behold there was the perfect handbag in their sale, that fitted the bill and was fab quality.... a Kooba Jessie in Java (dark brown). It's gorgeous and I am absolutely hooked, so much so, I don't think it will be long before I'll have a 2nd Kooba to hug! Hopefully I can make up for lost time :smile:. The worst part of our situ is that because I'm in Saudi, I can't exactly bid on any Koobas in case of problems (one eBayer quoted me $250 for shipping!) or see any and decide what I want, until we return to the States again in December, much to my husband's relief! It's torture.
  13. Mini Mouse...If you have relatives in the states, you could set up a US paypal account and if you bid for Koobas on Ebay, you could get them sent to your relatives USA address?
    The only downside would be waiting so long to get your hands on your new bag, but at least if you did see a bargain that you would have an option if you really wanted to bid on it.
  14. Hey mini! You're from my neck of the woods. Washington State! Small world. As far as I know, though, there's no NM in the state. Lots of Nordstrom though of course. I've heard that a NM will be opening in the next year or so here.
  15. Oh Youngster, thank you for correcting me... you are right, I mean't Nordstrom (sorry folks). It must be the jet lag making me woolly headed - apologies! I'm actually from the UK, but my husband is from Seattle, so we now call it home. Actually it's very similar to the UK.. it rains a lot! I love the States, especially the cheaper shopping and of course KOOBA! Yay!