What's your best/worst purchases?


Mar 12, 2016
In terms of LV, mine are:

Best: a tie between my (1) Capucines BB and the (2) Metis Hobo (so so sooooo saddened that LV discontinued the style a year or so ago, since it's perhaps my most used and functional LV :amazed:). A close contender: my Montsouris MM backpack from 2002, which has gone with me on pretty much every trip I've gone on.

Worst: Definitely the Neverfull PM. It was my first LV (I bought the Montsouris pre-loved), and it was wayyyy too small for me as a tote (pretty devastating since it was my first, but definitely a lesson learned in doing some prior research before buying designer bags). I ended up selling it, and then bought the MM size, which was much more practical.

And yes, I agree with the OP, the 6 Key Holder is such a great and practical LV purchase on a budget! I had one, but lost it (alongside my keys) a couple years back! :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:


Sep 4, 2010
Worst: artsy empriente and Emilie wallet. The artsy is just so so so heavy I never use it and it was so damn expensive haha. And I've just had so many issues with the Emilie, quality wise, I wish I never bought it.

Best: love my newest purchase, the duomo hobo and I have to say I love the clemence wallet. Great price point and has held up well over time.
Mar 4, 2013
Can something be best and worst purchase?? Haha I absolutely love my 6 ring key holder!! But it had quality issues likes no other, tear on the button, glazing issues and crease in the inside flap. Had to send it into repairs twice and second time they replaced it for me! So happy that I went and bought a second 6 ring key holder in a different canvas lol It's my most favorite purchase from LV though despite all the quality issues. I tried using other things for my keys but nothing brought me as much joy as when I looked at my 6 ring key holder everytime I use my keys lol

A bad purchase was the Evasion mini pochette. Only after a couple of use and the screen print chipped in multiple places. Told myself I'm never going to buy another screen print piece again although they are so pretty! Thankfully I was able to sell and got back the money I paid for it.


Mar 26, 2015
best: Twice - amazing bag, simply amazing ; key cles ; Danube (has held up for years and years with no issues)
worst: Eden (incredibly heavy, sold it) ; empreinte cles (i found the interior shape odd, sold it)


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Sep 7, 2010
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I'm pretty new to LV, but owned a Neverfull MM in Azur for a short time years ago that I sold quickly at a loss. Just never felt like the bag for me and the straps really dug into my shoulder when the bag was full. Have a Totally PM now and it's much comfier to wear.

Best purchase BY FAR is my new model Empreinte Speedy B25 in black. I don't love logos so was really hesitant about the Empreinte leather, but since I took the leap and bought it last fall, it has become my most used bag. It may actually be the best combination of style and function in a bag I have EVER had. I love it so much my SA is trying to track down one in Mastic so I have the same bag in a lighter color for summer.


Jan 5, 2015
Best: Eva (use all the time as evening bag and mini cross body), Speedy 25 (classic and functional), and Neverfull MM (ditto)
Worst: Emilie wallet - the red leather on the button totally peeled off after less than 2 years, and it took forever for LV to fix it and return it to me. It also doesn't have enough card slots (only 4!)