What's your best LV purchase??.. Most used etc...

  1. Other then my Emilie wallet I would say my Agenda PM.

    What's your most used LV??
  2. Emilie wallet for me too. Next would be a tie between Totally PM and Neverfull MM.
  3. Yes, emilie wallet and neverfull mm
  4. Bloomsbury
  5. Antheia ixia pm and Bloomsbury pm
  6. Montaigne noir
  7. Alma bb epi noir, favorite PM, of course Neverfull
  8. Empreinte Speedy 25, Empreinte studded zippy, empreinte key pouch. 😍😆
  9. Emile and mini pouchette. Also cles.
  10. The key pouch. LOL
  11. Emilie wallet and Shopping Sac
  12. mono cles
  13. SLG: Emilie DE
    Purse: Trevi PM
  14. Favorite pm & speedy B 30
  15. Milla clutch. Used it everyday since I got it.