What's your best H highlight for 2007?

  1. 2007 is coming to a close and what was your best H highlight of the year? It doesn't only need to be purchases but experiences.

    My best purchase of the year has got to be my 30cm gold swift Birkin with gold hardware since I really, really love this color. After having different H bags in various sizes, I also know more what bags work for me and what not ... and in which hardware. I'm also enjoying using all my bags in my small collection and travelling with them.

    Oh, and meeting Veronique Gautier at the H charity event was also interesting.

    What about you?
  2. shopping in amsterdam and testing out different scares/sizes. ^_^
  3. My highlight was when dh drove me 200 miles to get my birkin.

    also my cute enamel bracelet purchase at St Barth!
  4. Feb - getting my first H items
    Oct - getting Miss Prunnella, my first H bag :love:

    Now - my first Orange Christmas. There are 3 boxes :yahoo:

    This forum, everyone is so welcoming and non-scary :biggrin:
  5. For me the highlight has to be getting my Kelly earlier this month! What a thrill that was!!
  6. Getting my first H in June, and H bag in August, 32cm black sellier kelly in CDC PH. And the scarves. Oh my, this is a whole other world for me.

    I am so lucky to have discovered H and this forum.
  7. Meeting all of you on the forum, who are inspiring as people, and who helped revive my long-lived interest in Hermes to help me see it in the near future as opposed to a pipe dream of mine that I've had since I was 8.

    Oh and who can forget my Raisin Angel? I sure as heck never will.
  8. Beginning my orange obsession.
    1. birkin.
    1. birkin/hac hybrid

    & ordered birghton blue HAC.
  9. Scoring my vert anis ostrich birkin - a/k/a green chicken bag! lol. I use her so much more than I ever thought was possible.
  10. hmmm, my best H experience in 2007 was this H purse forum..I've learned so much, now I'm obsessed with box leather....I have a black box plume under the tree....
  11. Meeting up to shop with pr1nc355 and getting my Steve messenger as well as my best friend getting me an alligator wallet for graduation!
  12. so many I feel!!!

    ...in April going to the mothership in Paris and buying my 36cm HAC in vache natural...

    ....buying my first scarf.....and a million this year!

    ....my first order I got to place at podium coming in.....rather than being offered other birkins...it was mine!

    ....walking in to pick up a bag from spa and seeing my Ostrich Kelly in Vert Anis.....
  13. I started and ended the year in fabulous H style. In January I got my one and only H bag: Rouge H 35 cm Birkin in togo with gh. And this month, I got a CDC in Matte Barenia Croc w/ palladium hardware. In 2008, I have to get a CDC or Medor watch w/ gold hardware to wear with my Rouge H and a Hermes bag in a color and palladium hardware to wear with my CDC in croc!
  14. It was an extremely fun H year for me!

    Favorite "surprise" purchase: 25cm gold togo Birkin
    Most patient purchases: Both of my two-year-old orders came in (25cm Birkin and 25cm Kelly)
    Favorite traded bag: 23cm black chamonix Constance
    Favorite non-bag indulgences: scarves, enamel bracelets, shoes, Hiris

    But, my favorite H moments were the (almost) monthly Jersey girl lunches. I am so looking forward to continuing the tradition (and convincing DQ to play hooky to join us more often)!
  15. Wow so many great memories...:tender:

    I would have to say that meeting everyone here on the tPF and learning so much about H! And finally being able to obsess without fear of persecution. Thank you all!:flowers: