Whats Your Best Feature ??

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  1. I think my best feature are my eyes,
    All the better to shop with.:nuts:

    Whats Your best feature ?
  2. My Smile,
    All The Better To Be Happy!
  3. My strong compassion for animals or my smile.
  4. I would have to say my personality!!!
  5. My butt! Haha. j/k. I would say my eyes, they are an awsome shade of green.
  6. my hair, it's long, thick and dark brown and I can cover up the rest with it:smile:
  7. aww, that's nice. I've always had a soft spot for animals. Sometimes I feel guilty for buying leather bags. :-X

    oh well, I used to be a vegetarian too, I'm getting sloppy!

    Anyways. I'm going with my legs. I kick my ass working out to have toned legs.

    This is a really cute topic- btw. I did a presentation in a women & comm class last semester and we were talking about how girls are discouraged from saying positive things about themselves~ and how it's much more socially acceptable to just self-depreciate all the time. ( i.e. OMG I'm soooo fat today.) So, I challanged all the girls to say something they liked about themselves... it was like pulling teeth. :smile: anyways. /rambling. :-P
  8. Maybe my compassion.. I've been a vegetarian for the last few years, and I do stuff such as foster rescued cats (no tigers though !).

    I like my hair, although I really need to get it cut !
  9. I used to really like my hair, but then just last week I chopped it off and now the more I look at it, the more I hate it. I swear the layers are uneven! :sad:

    Now, it would have to be my smile. I get really crazy about taking care of my teeth.
  10. My smile, and my shoulders.
  11. my shoes!!!!!!!!!

    a part from those, my wounderful small feet, my smile and my eyebrows.
  12. my hair, it's long and medium brown (with blonde hilights) and ridiculously curly. like, ringlet curly. soon after we began dating, my boyfriend told me that he'd never be able to date another girl again because he'd never find another one with hair like mine :biggrin:.

    which is still one of the best things anyone has ever said to me, lol.
  13. it would be my voice!!
    i get complements on it!! i tried recording my voice in the answering machine and once in my mobile in order to hear myself!! :wacko:
  14. My blue eyes and my boobs. I'm 40 and they are real and still quite fabulous!
  15. I would say my loyalty on the deep level and my abs on a superficial level :P