What's your best feature?

  1. Now ladies, I we all groan about something when we look in the mirrors.

    What I want to know is, what makes you smile? What makes you proud? And lets skip "EYES" because the eyes are windows into our souls, and deep down, we are all beautiful in our soul. I firmly beleive that.

    Specifically,what about your body? What makes you proud you're a woman?? And WHY? Let's focus on the positive, and be loud and proud for a post or two!

    And yes, "breasts" is fine! But in the interest of the general public... lets keep it fairly PG, ok? Now lets hear it!

    (Ps. I'm the biggest fan of my BUTT. It's a shame I have to sit on it! LoL So there - now you!!)
  2. Hmm, well I'm 5'10" so I've got very long legs. I'd have to say that for me :yes:
  3. Boobs :graucho:
  4. I'm no woman, but:

    I think my best feature is my smile.
  5. ^^
    I'd agree with that. You have an awesome smile John!

    For me - I'd say either my smile or my butt. Those receive the most comments/compliments. :p
  6. Oh sorry - OR what makes you proud to be a man! Or a person! I shouldn't have been specific, I was just looking for what makes us all proud to be who we are :heart:

    I'm a clown :happydance: , but I can't say my big rubber nose so I'll stick with my BUTT. I do like it, but then, I do enough squats to qualify as a little obsessed....
  7. My legs. I've always received compliments! :p
  8. Id say smile as well :biggrin:
  9. boobies, legs, smile, and my curly hair
  10. i get the most compliments on my smile and my skin :smile:
  11. 80% of compliments I get are of my eyes...BUT...since we have to skip that, I get complimented on my cheekbones, complexion, and hair. =)
  12. I like my nose.
  13. I like my legs the most.
  14. I'd say I get the most compliments on my hair but my best feature is my breasts by far.
    It's probably not appropriate to compliment someone on their breasts but of course I've had men do it.
  15. I don't know how to answer this without sounding completely narcisistic (and I can be). But it's fun to read all of your responses!