What's your best Cost per wear Piece?

  1. In the spirit of the "what's the best deal you've gotten" thread, what item of clothing have you gotten the best value out of as far as cost per wear. For me:

    Express jeans I got for $10 four years ago- Great fit, color, and length (I'm 5'2"). I wear them more than my blue cults, paper denim cloth, etc- Until I started working in July (poo to business dress), I wore them at least 2 times a week, so 400 times= 2.5 cents per wear.

    Mid-calf leather Steve Madden Boots from 5-6 years ago for $15- one in brown, one in black - I wore them through the nice Cleveland winters part of junior year and all senior year of HS, a few times through college, although I prefered flipflops, sneakers, and winter boots for walking to class. I just broke them out again for work (perfect height and comfy) so I'm estimating at least 200 times of wear = 7.5 cents per wear and they still look great.

    Unfortunately, I also have tons of clothing I've worn a few times only to be buried under everything else.
  2. a thin black v-neck cardigan with chunky tortoise shell buttons from Old Navy- I wear this as a cover up all the time and a lot of people ask me where I got it. I belive it was around $30.

    black faux leather knee high boots- They're ruched with a turnover cuff, pointed toe, and 1 inch cone shaped heel. So cute! I got them on clearance at Hot Topic for $10. I wear these with dresses all the time. I wish I'd gotten a 2nd pair because mine are starting to look raggedy.
  3. my favorite cashmere cardigan cost $30 worn at least 4x/mo for 1 year= 62 cents a wear. . .nice!
  4. Express trousers. I bought 3 pairs, at roughly 80 dlls a piece. I alternate them to wear to work 6 times a week, which I'm sure it's a great cost-per-wear range. They hold up so well, and make my butt look awesome!
  5. This grey sweater I got from Zara about a year ago. It was only $20, and I wear it almost every week and it hasn't started to pill yet.
  6. my first pair of true religions purchased on sale for $75 over 3 years ago. To this day I wear them at least 2-3 times a week.
  7. Prada sequined ballet flats - I bought them on clearance at Saks and with a gift card. I actually paid $5 for them and have worn them at least 50 times. Cost per wear? 10 cents.

    Best deal ever for $650 shoes. :smile:
  8. $30 Gucci barrel roll bag on sale, worn all through high school, into college, sometimes in law school, and still to this day....probably down to a penny a wear for that one! LOL! Also men love it, they can't resist playing with it...so in that sense its priceless!

    Some others, a Les Copains winter coat marked down from about $1,100 to about $100. Wore it for several winters all the time.

    Saks brand quilted flats, less then $100, mistaken for Chanel flats more then once and worn at least 50x.

    Italian cashmere shells in powder blue and one in grey with lovely crystals around the neck, each about $15 and each worn at least 30-40x. (In general lots of cashmere sweaters make this list, I get them for a good price and then hand wash them, sometimes they last years, like one from Banana Republic that I got for $30 about 7 years ago and still wear about 10x a year).

    My engagement ring (well in about 40 years or so I hope!!)

  9. Holy moley! Please do share how you got that Gucci barrel bag for $30?! And Missmustard, I absolutely adore Express pants and I totally agree on the butt thing :smile:
  10. Here are my top 5 in no particular order (I wasnt thinking so much waht I got for real cheap but more so what I wear religiously)

    1. Rainbow Sandals $20 wore everyday atound the apt, sometiems to the pool, and sometiems out for about 1.5 years.

    2. Nordstroms Coat - originally $109 but sister shrank it so its mine, wore everyday in winter last year and sometimes on cold days during the year.

    3. Bloomingdales Cashmere sweater $15 - I've been wearing this A LOT since I got it last december.

    4. VS bras - $25-$30 I have about 5 favorites that I've been rotating almost everyday for the last 4 to 5 years. I handwash every time so they still look great.

    5. Express tank top $10 - I bought this sophomore year of high school (its ancient, i know) I wore it a lot then, wore it first years of college, forgot about it for a few years and started wearing it all over again. The funny thing is... it still looks new!! No pilling! Sometimes express is amazing.