What's your best cleaning tip?

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  1. mine are:

    use boiling water on fruit based stains. i know if goes against what you were prob. taught, but NOTHING works better! i've spilled red wine all over everything imaginable- comes out every time! blueberries...disappear! trust me! it's truly great.

    also, i wash our floors w/vinegar and hot water. they come out great, and if a toddler should say, eat something off the floor, etc., it is safe!

    how 'bout you???
  2. Using hairspray on ink marks on clothing/fabric--it really works.
  3. This also works on furniture.

    My contribution is use liquid dishwasher detergent on your stove's reflectors to clean them. It really helps to cut through the muck. You should probably wear gloves, though.
  4. I Vinegar and hot water on our hardwood floors too. It's the best! People always make the comment about our floors being clean enough to eat off of.I

    I also use vinegar with warm water and a drop of dish liquid to clean the mirrors, our windows and french doors throughout the house. Nothing works better! I also use this to clean our surround glass shower.

    I use baking soda to clean our tubs and sinks. Again, nothing better. A toothbrush with baking soda takes care of the jets in the deep tub in our master bathroom.

    I hate the scent of the chemicals they sale in store to clean with so I love using natural products like vinegar and baking soda!
  5. Hire a cleaning service!
  6. To the vinegar users....does it leave behind a vinegar smell???

    I love the idea of using natural things to clean with since it's better for the environment and cheaper (though I adore the smell of cleaning products in the house) but I always thought they wouldn't clean as well. Is it really safe to use vinegar on hard wood floors, it doesn't do anything to them? I guess it has to be safer than synthetic chemical, right?
  7. On mirrors/windows, I use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust etc.. And then I wipe it down with crumpled newspaper. I don't know why but it comes out so clean and shiny :biggrin:
  8. Oh my best cleaning tip: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

    Seriously, this thing is amazing. It will definitely remove anything you thought was there for good. My sister's apartment had this gross bathtub that she used to scrub and scrub and scrub and it never came clean. One swipe with the eraser and it finally came out, simply amazed every time I use it!
  9. Titan Green, amazing stuff
  10. i worried about this at first, too, but there's really only an odor when you first use it. we have hardwoods throughout the house and this is great on them. i know of cleaning services that only use vinegar & water! also, i do use it to clean mirrors/glass, too- i forgot about that. it really works well. last week i washed the floors and my sis stopped by about an hour later- she couldn't smell anything.

  11. I do the same too! :biggrin:
  12. There's this product called I Awesome that I swear by my MIL told me about it a long time ago. It takes off crayon and pen off the walls I love it!! As soon as my son was able to get a hold of a crayon it was all over. Now it's my daughter!
  13. I pay a Maid. Everything is amazingly clean.

    (lol.. jk)
  14. I learned this from my sister she uses baking soda in her bathtub and on her floor to get out the stains that want come off with just regular cleaning products. This really works its great I use it plus Lysol liquid cleaner and my bathtub and floors look great.
  15. It works on haircolor, too!