Whats your Balenciaga/Paddy color of the day?

  1. Im currently using my Ink city. How about you?:love:
  2. Sadly, I have to admit that I am a reformed Tod's/Choo/Fendi/Burberry user. But I have recovered from that and now am looking frantically for a paddy and a city b-bag. Ask again in a week, maybe I will have better news! :lol: Your bags are wonderful, by the way.
  3. my choco tote (chloe). Longest used bag ever.....
  4. I say GO INK CITY! TDF!! Bal NY has a couple more if you are interrested:nuts:
  5. my pewter first!
  6. Ink rules! :nuts: :biggrin:
    I've been using mine constantly!

    Ranskimmie, I think you should get commission on those last 2 bags when they get sold! Bal NY should thank you for advertising it! :P
  7. My ink City!
  8. There are only two more left?!!!!!!! :sad2::sad2::sad2:
  9. Just trying to get more ink owners on this forum, can you tell?:P :biggrin: Comission, now thats an idea:idea:
  10. Ink is lovely! My color of the moment however is seafoam and I don't even have one, wahh!! But it is sitill eggplant followed by indigo. :biggrin:
  11. Your eggplant is soooo beautiful!:love:
  12. Have been using my turquoise First since I received it a week ago :love: I’m not used to bright bags & am surprised it goes so well with my wardrobe!
  14. I would LOVE a seafoam! So many colors...so hard to find!
  15. Im using my Choc paddy today! ive been using it soo much since i got it (last dec) it was sooo worth every penny!
    but would (like many others) :love: :love: LOVE a seafoam balenciaga city! but unfortunetly i dont think that day will every come :cry:
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