Whats Your Bag's Name?

  1. Are any of you crazy like me and named their bag or ourse when you bought it? I named my stam ZAC STAM (and my last name) lol and Im that in love with it, I even talk to it when we go shopping. lol
  2. have'nt named my bag yet..but i treat it like my baby..i dont put it down and will only give it to my hubby to hold when i have to use the RR:rolleyes: in the mall etc
  3. There was another thread on this recently - if someone else knows how to link maybe they could add it so you can see all those names =)

    I have a fluufy pink purse that I call my 'muff' gets kind of funny if I am at a club and people hear me talking about 'my muff' - I get strange looks.

    Just ordered my fist LV - I'll probably call that one Louis - never thought of giving it my last name though - cute.
  4. Just before the real designer bug hit, I had a bright green mock-python Liz Claiborne east/west I called Bad Bob - he's so d4mn snaky-punky, he rules!:yahoo:

    My MiuMiu is just "Gorgeous" - as in "hello Gorgeous, we're going out now!":shame: and my other bags haven't really got names.... yet.:graucho:

    I'm assured by top medical professionals, it's only when they start to talk back that you're in trouble....:nuts: :roflmfao:

  5. I call my spy "mon amour" (my love) or "mon sac chéri" (my beloved bag).

    I'm totaly devoted to my spies, specially my new black one, she is special! I mean it!
  6. I have given nicknames to a few of my purses but not all. One of my vintage purses, for example, I refer to as my picnic basket and another has a Christmas Tree on it that I call my Christmas Tree.

    I always refer to my purses as a female and I often say, "Don't hurt her!", etc.
  7. I only have a name for my Louis Vuitton bag..I call it Louis. "Louis, we're going to school now."
  8. i call my perfo speedy " Holey" ... LOL
  9. After reading this post my wife has decided that I need to come up with names for all of her purses! Today we went shopping and bought a coach hamptons hobo in black. It is a textured leather. Any ideas for a name???
  10. my dior messenger bag has no specific name.. i refer to it as my fave dior bag..... hmm, that is my only dior bag.. hehe