What's your bag top 3 in your own collection?

  1. For some tPFers this will be a challenge! Here are mine:

    1. Chanel black mini flap... too classic for words, even got me interviewed on TV one time, haha!
    2. Balenciaga Taupe City :love:
    3. Black Medium YSL muse
    (okay, I have to cheat a little and say a CLOSE number 4 is my Mulberry Bayswater! I swear this bag gets more compliments than any other I have!)
  2. Wow, that's a toughie

    1) Hands down my Balenciaga GGH Sandstone Weekender
    2) Chanel Cerf in black w/ gh
    3) my Alexis Hudson slide lock clutch in taupe w/ gh ~I have tons of pricier bags but I love this little clutch and I get tons of compliments every time I carry it.
  3. Great thread!

    Here are mine:

    1- LV Lexington Fleur clutch in patent orange (:heart: it)

    2- Prada E/W nappa gauffre

    3- Belen Echandia "Love Me" in Dark Grey Matte leather ( I can't walk anywhere w/o someone stopping me to ask me about it- it's that amazing!)
  4. This is tough!
    - my first LV, the mono Sonatine
    - my MJ HG, the topaz quilted elise
    - the LV BH - loved it, sold it, missed it, bought it again LOL
  5. My LV Retro Cherry Blossom I got on vacation from Paris.
    My white leather Coach Tote with the Floral Leather design on the front

    There are several that can be a contender for 3rd.
  6. my BV black suede bag
    my L.V. Damier speedy 25
    my Coach calfskin pocket satchel circa 2005
    This thread made me really think on what are truly my favs.
  7. ohh this is hard.

    1. Ralph Lauren Ricki bag
    2. Valentino Histoire
    3. Bottega Veneta Sloane

    let me quickly post this before I change it again.
  8. I don't have many bags so this will be easy. No particular order.

    Brown Furla FW 2007 je pense
    White/Print Furla SS 2006
    Gucci Margot evening bag FW 2007
  9. 1. Belen Echandia - Black Crash Take Me Everywhere Midi
    2. Rebecca Minkoff - Blue Stonewash Nikki
    3. Belen Echandia - Tan Stroke Me Medium
  10. 1. Balenciaga Whistle
    2. Chloe Edith
    3. BR Pucci-esque silk clutch (cheap but very pretty!)
  11. 1. Bal City
    2. LV mono pochette - I use it each day
    3. LV mono neverfull GM - a lot of bang for my buck
  12. I don't have that many so this is easy:

    1. Miu Miu Coffer
    2. Marc Jacobs multi-pocket tote
    3. An old Coach blue suede small purse that has no logos on it, but is my oldest favorite bag.
  13. MJ Hudson-wish it was more durable for everyday use...most compliments I have ever received on anything I have owned....

    Chloe Large Anoushka satchel-great basic big black bag IMO, kind of odd shaped and unpractical, but SUPER cute!

    LVspeedy 30-gosh, had this one over 6 years and it still looks brand spanking new...I call it my bottomless pit bag, it never gets heavy and you can fill it and fill it!
  14. 1. Kooba Lucy
    2. Belen Echandia Stroke Me Medium
    3. Tod's Nylon Pashmy Baluetto (I can't believe how many compliments I get every time I carry this bag)
  15. Oh boy, the pressure ... I'm scared that I'll alienate my other bags if they hear this! LOL I guess my top 3 favorites would be:

    Miu Miu black lambskin coffer - so easy to wear and so modern chic
    Chanel vintage black lambskin jumbo flap - I always feel like a millions bucks when I wear this bag;)
    Fendi honey wisteria spy - love love the leather on this bag, it's just so pretty to look at