what's your bag this fall? and what's in your holiday wishlist?

  1. if i'm not carrying the diaper bag everywhere, the rare occasion i get to bring another bag - i've been toting my etoupe 35 birkin (runnerup : 28 kelly havanne croc). these cool neutral-colored bags are perfect for my fall wardrobe (even if it's still warm where i live).

    and as for my holiday wishlist (i now, we have a thread like this every year) : i'm wishing for a silver constance (that one on eBay is just TDF - and great price too), a kelly longue in a bright color (ilovemylife's kelly elan and bright red kelly longue is just giving me nightmares - gotta have one) and a bunch of H enamel bangles in black with gold in diff. sizes (to match my kelly black croc with GH)!

    now, it's your turn.......
  2. FALL bag:

    1.) Choc & Cylamen boxcalf 30cm Birkin w/GH
    2.) Etoupe Clemence 35cm Birkin w/PH
    3.) Black Clemence 35cm Birkin w/GH
    4.) Cafe w/contrasting stitching Clemence 30cm Birkin w/GH
    5.) A little SO something something from DH


    1.) Black boxcalf KP w/GH
    2.) Rouge H boxcalf KP w/contrasting stitching & PH
    3.) Raisin & Lilac Swift 30cm Birkin w/PH
    4.) Rouge VIF lizard KP or 25cm Birkin w/GH
  3. Count me in with the diaper bag exception...;)

    Other than that, autumn is such a great time for me to carry my barenia 32cm HAC PH and my marron fonce Fjord 32cm HAC GH and for a more "get up and go" bag, my new etoupe Picotin MM.

    Holiday wishlist? Hmmm. Tough, but I'd love to get my hands on a black box 35cm Birkin PH or a 32cm Kelly in the same combo. OR, for something completely different, anything RED! :heart:
  4. Fall Bag:

    Gold 32cm HAC

    Wish List:

    30cm Black Birkin...

    Santa, Santa, I have been a very good girl!! I can be a bad one too if ya want!!:graucho:;)
  5. I want a raisin bag. I'm not picky as to what kind. Any old raisin bag will do. But wouldn't a raisin Massai be kinda cool?

    I fell in love with raisin yesterday.

    And my fall bag for right now is my black Initiale
  6. YES, YES, YES! It would look FABULOUS!
  7. my fall bag is not hermes. i know, heresy. i have been wearing a light brown tory burch bag this week and loving it.

    my holiday wish list? wow, that's a can of worms. lol.
  8. H, I'd be really, really careful what you say/write, or next thing you know, you're November RAOK gift will be a can of you-know-whats!

    You've now been warned.
  9. lol. thank GOD you are not my RAOK person.
  11. oh wait gga. by you know what you mean whoop a$$ right? cause that can i want so i can open it on you! heh heh heh
  12. Fall--40 graphite clemence (except I am getting "Birkin Tunnel Syndrome" in my arm)
    Holiday--raisin, raisin, raisin???
  13. Nope. I meant a can of worms. I reserve exclusive rights to open all cans of whoop-a$$. heh heh heh right back at ya, sillyhead!
  14. SP - your signature rainbow of bags is just yummy! how colorful!

    GGA - yes yes! massai in raisin is a must-have (doesn't hiheels have one?)

    Hbird - yes, off you go and shop for bangles! i love mixing diff. styles and sizes! :love:
  15. hlfinn - gga is right, be careful what you wish for. lol