What's your bag buying reference?

  1. Out of curiosity, what is the main factor when choosing your bag purchase? :idea:

    I wonder if it has to do with the bag that's on heavy promotion, like from magazines, poster ads, the design is out there and is very popular, lots of people are carrying the "it bag" around. Or the celebrity factor, when you see them carrying it and drives you to want to have one of your own as well. Or maybe just come across it in the display, just fell in love with it no matter whatever the brand or price.

    Because we all adore beautiful brands.... but what's the "main factor for purchase"???

    (For me I guess it's mostly coming across the right one, but these days especially from PF's influence :P , cuz you peeps here have great ideas!).
  2. I try to decide if I will like it in 6 months. Most of the time I convince myself I will, and most of the time I am wrong. That leads to a mind numbing non stop purse buying process, likely to stop when I do the dirt nap.:P
  3. Gotta make sure it wont break the bank, I'll keep it forever, and its my style (dont buy it just because its popular or a certain brand).
  4. i always look for bags(even 'it')that are pretty classic so that i will still like them(even if i buy new ones:tongue:smile:in a couple of year's time.
    the things that make me choose are:
    1. the quality of the leather and/or the other materials
    2. the experiences i've had with previous purchases of the same designer
    3. the price
    4. the ways i can carry it
    5. the inside lining and pockets
    6. it should be closed on the top because sometimes it happens it falls from my hands and all the things are there on the floor...
    7. last but not least, obviously, the design!!!

    just a few bags were considered OK after all these questions....:shame:
  5. I really like bags that are classic but have some sort of twist or edge to them, made with good materials and hardware--maybe unique hardware that catches my eye. Then I think about how it can be carried and what situations it can be used in (will it be awkward? will all my things fall out of it?) And then at the very end, after a lot of deliberation (which drives my fiance crazy to the point where he's just like, "buy it already"), I decide if my bank account can deal with it. It's fashion over everything with me.
  6. My main factor for the purchase is that I love the style of the bag. Next is quality workmanship ... I want a bag beautifully well made. And of course, if I can afford it ... I would love a birkin but right now that's not in the cards. I tend to keep my bags so I only buy those that I really really love.
  7. If it's something unique ... so I tend to stay away from "it" bags ... and high quality. I prefer something bold: exaggerated details, exotic skins or metallic. I also love classic pieces like safari bags and the Hermes Kelly and Birkin (which I don't have any ... yet!).
  8. The bag has to catch my eye... I like unusual designs, bright colors, etc. And if it's a good price (under $30 dollars), I'll get it. I tend to buy a lot of purses in a short amont of time, so I usually have a purse for every imaginable outfit.
  9. I usually don't get to buy my bags when I want them....sometimes I have to wait years to find it at a discount. So by the time I do end up getting it...I know for sure that I want it!! Only exception to that was my spy bag...my husband put me on the waiting list when they first came out...I was fully prepared to pay full price and wait the 3-6 months to get it...I completely lucked out and found one in a second-hand store here in Hong Kong for less than half price, one week later. The bag was so new that the lady running the shop didn't even know what she had. Everyone in the world was waiting for theirs, and I got mine for 1/2 off!! I was so excited!!!
  10. I'm just starting my collection...so I'm mainly looking for the "basics" right now that will stay in style and won't break the bank. I'm looking for classic and practical -- different sizes and colors from those I already have.
  11. I don't think I'm influenced by celebrities and trends at all. I like what I like; as much as I have way too many bags, I don't buy something just because it's a bag. I usually have to see it in person once, sleep on it, and if I can't stop thinking about it, then I will get it. If it's a $$$ bag, then I'll do a lot of research on the size, features, etc. and price it out at stores and online and get it.
  12. If I love it, I'll buy it- no matter what price or sacrafices I have to make, if I must have it I'll get it or else it'll eat away at me. If I like a bag, I'll consider the current price and resale value and get it- for instance, LV mono has about a 50% or better return, while Dior will sell for close to nothing if at all.
  13. For me, the bag that definitely catches my eye, is a bag that reflexs my style . Of course, the bags that are branded the "it" or "hot" bags always gets the most exposure so I tend to pick from them the most.
  14. I just look in the store and just pick what suits me...

    other questions:
    do i have anything similar to it? NO
    How many outfits can i wear this with right now? AT least 5
    Can i wear this dressed up or dressed down? that's more w/ the price... if I can only wear it dressed up, i'm not trying to pay a lot because I usually dress casual
    Can I fit all my necessities in it? My cigs, cell phone, lipstick, keys have to fit and have to be secure.

    So then if i like it, then I look at the price.. The last thing i look at is the designer... It's the style of the bag that catches my eye.
  15. * The bag must make me gasp with its beauty the first time I see it,or it may slowly grow on me.

    *It must suit my wardrobe and my overall style.I must not have to dress for my bag...my bag must compliment me and my outfit.

    *It must be practical for the purpose for which I want it (ie work,evening,every day,etc).

    * Fantastic quality and craftsmanship goes without saying.

    * Not too fussy...no bling,monogram,huge logos,bells,whistles etc. I made an exception fro the Chloe Paddington :P .Which btw I bought from the very first season,before I even realised that it was going to be so popular.Just loved it at first sight.

    *Leather,not suede or canvas. I can't afford exotic skin,but I love ostrich.