What's your bad experience with goyard?

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  1. Exactamente!
  2. I am a big Goyard fan, but they are no longer hand painted.

    I have owned close to 30 Goyard products over the years. They are definitely not hand painted as in prior years. This is pointed on their website.
  3. I agree with the cracking handles, I experienced this few weeks after purchase. And well I wish it's hand painted, but its definetely not! Mine at least.
  4. From what I remember they don't do every dot one after another by hand, but what's used is some kind of stencil (hope I got the word right). However, it still looks like hand painted so I don't mind
  5. I agree with a lot of the comments here. I'm feeling veryyyy tempted to buy another Goyard piece. However, I am not impressed with the cracking/wrinkles along the handles and especially how easily the corners develop holes from usual wear. There is the option to get the corners reenforced but it's a bit of a hassle. :/
  6. Ive been very happy with my St Louis. I like it so much better than the LV neverfull. I feel like everyone has that bag, but I don't see many Goyard around. Maybe its because I live in Singapore.
  7. I just have mine in black color! I adore it's design and love it. Hopefully no cracking issue for my bag :smile: