What's your bad experience with goyard?

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  1. I noticed that the straps of 2 of my St. Louis easily cracks:nogood:
  2. Hmmm, where did you read that? Coz i bought my Voltaire and the booklet inside says it's done manually by hand instead of "automation". I can post a picture of the booklet.
  3. I'd like to see your booklet Visvim!!! I'm interested in finding out if its true or not!!!
  4. Sure i'll take a pic when i'm home later :smile:

    Personally i don't think they'll forgo their tradition because this is the only selling point setting themselves apart from LV, aesthetics wise. Also when i bought the bag, i asked the SA how to tell the fakes apart and he proudly told me that every bag is hand-painted therefore the bumpy texture.
  5. I would like to see the photo also because this is what Wikipedia says:

    "The initial meters of Goyardine were most likely hand-painted. When the Goyardine was launched, the workshops moved to Bezons, and the manufacturing of the canvas required a ground-colour application followed by three successive layers of etching colours. The trademark slightly raised pattern of the Goyardine results from both the cloth and the printing technique used during the manufacturing process: the plain weave shows through the Chevron pattern, and superimposes on top of the raised pattern produced by the paint dots."

    But Wikipedia has been known to make errors!!! :P
  6. Hi all, pics as requested :smile:

  7. Thanks for the picture. It's rather tricky here when it comes to the phrase 'manually applied on the entire fabric surface'. What exactly is meant by that? I think this phrase actually implied that the surface is no longer handpaint - perhaps it means that the whole process of colour application is monitored by craftsmen, but they are not painting the monogram themselves.
  8. Depends on what you believe actually.

    Personally I don't believe a century old atelier would tell its SAs to lie to customers. Secondly, it does look hand painted because the dots just doesn't look like its done by machines. Sometimes we get so clouded by false information floating in the Internet we refuse to believe something is actually that good.
  9. If you read carefully, you will find the quote below:

    'Though it was originally hand-painted, the current process requires a ground-colour application, followed by three successive layers of etching colours that create its trademark slightly raised pattern.'

    And it is interesting that you prefer to trust blogs instead of the official website.
  10. I trust the little booklet that comes with my bag. Do you even own a goyard, mr Birkin?
  11. Never intend to start a quarrel here. I neither own a birkin, nor have I had a goyard. It's only a username for this forum actually.

    What I insist on, however, is to buy good quality products. The wallets, bags, and other small leather goods I am using are usually vegetable-tanned.

    I only pointed out what I discover from the official website of Goyard. But of course, your bag is beautifully made. Enjoy using it.
  12. Don't get me wrong, i did not ask the question with any demeaning factor in it. I only mean that you can best appreciate the beauty of Goyard when you lay your eyes on it and feeling the texture first hand.

    Let see if any other members can contribute other information :smile: