what's your average per year expenditure on coach?

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  1. This question is scaaaaary.

    I usually spend almost nearly $1000 at every outlet trip. Maybe 6-8x/year.

    I finally got a PCE, so I'll probably spend another $1K, easy. Maybe $2k.

    This is starting to seem like a big waste of money to me, especially for bags that everyone seems to have and that last a long time. Face it, I can only carry one at a time, anyway.

    I'm starting to think that paring it down to one black, one brown, one red, one gunmetal and one gold would pretty much do me......

    Anyone else thinking of giving up the obsession?
  2. I've been contemplating it - it is costly and timely. Been thinking the same way you are too... but it's really hard to give up :sad:
  3. Yea, but another ten grand a year toward my mortgage would be nice. . .
  4. but you can't carry/wear your house :biggrin:

  5. I have so many bags not even used! But I must say....I LOVE the hunt!
  6. I know what you mean Buckeye, I love the hunt too. But I have been considering scaling back on my purchases for a few reasons. First, I totally have enough bags. Second, I hate how after the hunt for the perfect bag, within a couple of months, that is no longer the "it" bag and then we are constantly running after the next new bag. I love Coach, but this constant pursuit is starting to get a little old for me.
  7. since March i have spent nothing on Coach. I dont buy it anymore
  8. Thought it and did it!

    I had close to 25 bags and way too many accessories to count. So many of my bags never got used, so after being faced with huge medical costs (husband had a reoccurrance of cancer a few months ago and daily radiation treatments are EXPENSIVE!!) and losing my job last month, I took back everything that was unused and had their tags still attached. Everything else got listed or will be listed on ebay. I narrowed down my "collection" to 1 black bag, 1 gunmetal, 1 magenta, 1 plum, 1 teal and 1 white patent. I still think I have too many, but I'm now enjoying what I have. And like so many women do, if I see a bag that I can't live without, I have to sell one to fund it. It feels so good to be able to make extra payments on the car and mortgage, and to just have extra money in the savings account in case of emergencies.
  9. Good Question! Although I don't spend nearly as much as you..I'am a firm believer that some people tend to buy on a whim because it is the *it* bag that everyone is wanting at that moment.Then they tend to build up and next the thing you know, you have bags with tags still on or a closest full of bags that you don't use.So this is why I have very few bags and more accessorie's..For me accessorie's are at a better price point(some) and its fun to have a fun selection so that I can switch them in the bag I carry.I tend to get stuck carrying the same bag!So I never get bored that way:smile: I have 3 bags now, in all sizes, small,med.,and large.You also have a Great point in having a bag in different colors.I have khaki,black, and flint!So they are pretty common colors except for my suede flint bag, that is pretty rare, and she is tucked in my closet, I do not ever carry that one.Sorry to go on, but like I said, you asked a good question, so therefore I answered it Honestly:smile:
  10. I'm gonna limit myself to 1 bag per year
  11. I know what you mean and have been having similar thoughts, and posted some thoughts on a thread myself a while back. I've been at it for about a year or so, and in my head gave myself a "purse budget" of no more than $5K/yr - never to carry a credit card balance. I don't know why, but the guilt is starting to get to me. I was looking up my latest bag obsession a while back and on TV was a show about poverty in America, and my stomach sank just thinking that I'm blowing all this money on purses when people are in dire situations.

    Anyway, the guilt aside, I feel like I have more than enough and am really amazed at what I've accumulated. I used to be a one bag per season girl, now I have to change then out weekly to get them all into rotation. I know for some people this is thrlling, but I find it to be a bit of a stressor.

    I can see myself getting back down to maybe 5 or 6 and leaving it there. I'm also not sure about wanting to stay on the merry-go-round of the hunt for the next bag. But I'm still hanging around here, so clearly I haven't given up yet.

    Like you OP, I'm giving some sober thought to where I want this to go from here, but the honest answer is that I haven't figured it out just yet.
  12. I started to list how many bags I have and how much I spend then I thought better of it....I plead the 5th....I can't bring myself to tell....I have bought or gotten 11 bags this year so far. Tried to stay at 4....UGH

    It's me I don't want to share with not you guys. Just adding them up made me go....OMG
  13. 2 words: EXCEL SPREADSHEET. I really believe that logging all of you purchases on a spreadsheet helps to keep you honest with yourself. I've done this since the beginning and there is no denying when it's there in black and white. You should do it for yourself - it could be a real eye opener.
  14. ^^ true....I have a pretty good idea but still not something I really want to think about. If I face the $$$$ amount I would be shocked. I know as far as number.
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    What you have done is so selfless and I hope all is better for you and your family.I'm just sorry that we have to go through things like you did to make us realize that Life is way more important than having to have the next it bag.But I think this makes us stronger, and everything happens for a reason.So you chose a better road for you and yours and I commend you for that:smile:I beileve that everyone should have a stash of cash for an Emergency, you never know when you may need it..I have always thought that way, you have too nowadays, you can have your job taken away at the blink of an eye with this economy!