What's your airplane carry-on?

  1. I use the large L.L. Bean tote to carry a smaller purse, plus a sweater and a load of books and magazines!

    On longer trips I'll also pack a duffel bag with some clothes. I got this awesome striped duffel for free from an Estee Lauder purchase... it has seen me through Europe and Asia several times over!
  2. I put my purse and laptop in a Chococat backpack, and then try to get as much of my clothing as possible into a small, pink rolly suitcase I bought at Target. ;) I can usually avoid checking anything, because I can pack pretty tight. I've also had my eye on the Hello Kitty LV-inspired monogram hard-sided luggage, but can't justify the cost since I don't travel much.

    I know it's tacky but I also think it's adorable!
  3. Mocha Noe! That bag fits all of my essentials.
  4. Speedy 40 for domestic travel.

    Baggalini Tote and rolling cosmetic case for international travel.
  5. Fendi shopper tote
  6. My Versace demim Rockstar bowler bag.
  7. Hmmm, I don't really have a favorite bag right now, I just use a big tote or a small rolling piece (which is denim colored with red cherries, very silly, I know).

    I usually include a cashmere throw to use as a blanket - it makes the trip sooo much better. And clothes. Unfortunately, you almost have to bring "some" clothes, just in case. I had my bags lost for day when I was headed to Buenos Aires, and I didn't have my coat - it was chilly! Sometimes I even pack my nicer shoes/purses in my carryon, because I worry about losing them.

    I don't like it how security personnel always seem to want to put my bag directly on the rolling plastic, instead of leaving it in the plastic bins- its dirty! Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. Anything that I can throw around and know if it gets damaged by taking it in and out of the overhead compartment. LLBean tote, Longchamp, or Vera Bradley (when I need to find something quick).
  9. Just bought a Kate Spade nylon for this very purpose!

    I always check my full amount of two suitcases -- I do not pack light.

    Then, I have a rolling back pack from Target in which I put my make-up bag, snacks, any medications, extra clothes, bathing suit and anything else I might need for an emergency overnight. I stick that in the overhead and keep my nylon tote w/ water, sweater, books, and headphones w/ me:smile: Before the kate spade I had a Saks shopper tote or a straw weave bag that served this purpose.
  10. balenciaga work for the plane is perrrfect
  11. an LV keepall 55 or a Goyard tote:biggrin:
  12. I just bought a Timbuk2 bag for this-- (going to Miami week after next)-- but usually a Vera Bradley tote or my luggage I didn't want to check...
  13. I use a beautiful leather backpack that my sister gave me for Christmas one year. My carry-on is my only bag. I HATE dealing with checking bags, and I never have to worry about mine getting lost!:P
    I like to travel light!
  14. Vuitton keep-all 45
  15. Marc Jacobs black leather duffle or Helmut Lang black canvas rectangular upright bag