Whats Your Absolute Favorite Bag ?

Probably my absolute favourite would be the Hermes Birkin.... but it's just a dream, very far from reality. My next favourites would be the Fendi Spy or the Chloe Paddington.... and I also like a lot the LV Trianon Sac de Nuit, the Marc Jacobs Quilted Venetia and the classic Chanel 2.55
My favourite bag.. that I own is an old beat up Gap slouchy bag. It's the best ! I really want to get the Louis Vuitton denim Baggy PM since the shape really reminds me of my Gap bag.

Dream bag.. favourite, would probably have to be a medium or a large size 2.55 reissue, like Noriko's or Star's.. and I believe someone else on the boards has it too, lucky ladies ! Of course, there's always that all black Kelly 35 cm that I've always secretly craved. One day, when I'm such a high priced lawyer that I can bill for over 1000$ an hour. ;)
i can't say i have a bag i'm totally in love with yet :sad:

my absolute dream bag is the chanel reissued 2.55 in grey:love: . i just love it. i'm so sad my mom wouldn't help pay...even if i paid her back. ugh. the inflated ebay prices don't help!!
My fav right now is my Burberry barrel that might soon be replaced by Balenciaga. :lol: Dream bag is probably a black Fendi spy although my preferance might change later on. I'm too picky and undecisive sometimes... :shame:
My cheapest bag! A black one I got at Zara.
And in second place my LV géronimos, it 'hangs' on me, and it's very useful, no chance for pickpockets with this bag!
my favorite bag is my IF Audra (i feel like a broken record, i talk so much about my love for this bag!). it sits perfectly, it's the most versatile color of brown in the world, it has room for everything i need, and it's gorgeous.

hmmm, i think this thread really shows us that mid and low priced bags can be really great! my ability to take my audra anywhere and not worry is definately part of it's charm.