What's you get for Mother's Day?

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  1. I'm sure many of you got some or will get some gorgeous eye-candy and even if you don't have pictures, dish!

    I was given my gifts early...I got a beautiful bouquet including peonies (my favorite flower) and a beautiful cashmere/silk pajama gown.

    **Edited to say- Sorry for the spelling error in the title!
  2. awww.. those flowers are BEAUTIFUl!
  3. OOOh very pretty flowers, hmm im not a mom yet but i can tell you what i got for my mo.m Since im the youngest of four my siblings and 1 are pitching in some money to get a mariachi for my mom on sunday during our BBQ, beside that she just redid her backyard so we are also pitching in on hiring a gardner to plant pretty flowers and trees in her new yard since she loooooves homegrown flowers and as for what i bought her, she was in need of a new watch so i bought her a new BULOVA
  4. The flowers are stunning!
  5. Gorgeous! I didn't get anything since I'm not a mother, but I did get my mother something. I got her a strand of pink freshwater pearls with a gold clasp. She had been eyeing pearls in several colors for a while.
  6. Those flowers are gorgeous.

    I am not a Mom however, I got my Mom a Kate Spade wallet for Mothers's Day.
  7. my twin sister and i bought my mother a custom made amethyst and gold necklace (amethyst is her birthstone and purple is also her favorite color) and a bouquet of purple tulips. although, i'm a bit mad at her right now and kind of want to keep the necklace...but i wont, haha.
  8. Thanks!

    You all are wonderful daughters....pearls, handbags, watches!!?? wow!
  9. I'm a mom to a wonderful 14YO daughter! She made me a "full length body pillow" in her class at school. (I have NO idea where I'm going to store this thing!) :heart: She and my hubby took me out to dinner last night and hubby had bought me an early gift -- speakers to play my ipod on! In my card, I got a gift certificate to a soaping supply store that I like to buy from.

    I sent my mom some solar lights for Mother's Day! :lol: That's what she wanted -- for her gardens in the front and back yard.

    Since it's "my" day I may go shopping or head over to the garden center to buy my annuals that I plant each year. I also make soap as a hobby/very small business and plan on making a few batches this afternoon!

    Happy Mom's Day to all you Moms! :flowers:
  10. Once again, neither the cats nor the rabbits got me anything for Mother's Day.
    I, however, called my mother and stepmother and wished them Happy Mother's Day which is all they really want and does not clutter up the house with more junk (their words, not mine).
  11. :lol: I'm one up on you as my doggie Izzy decided to gift me a lovely puddle on my kitchen floor this morning. :rant:
  12. i got poop (literally) from my rabbit. joy. oh and she binkied several times last night. i guess that makes up for it. haha

    and i got my mom a large tote.
    the light green one. it has a leather bottom and is divided inside to 2 compartments and can hold like 2 water bottles and has a lil makeup bag inside too. hehe. got it from my work. :smile:
  13. The flowers are beautiful.

    I also got flowers and a diamond bracelet. My daughter got me a pretty pair of diamond earrings and my 7yr old baked me a crumb cake at her nanies house. everything is beautiful.
  14. it's almost 1pm and we're about to go to the family lunch! it's my first mommy's day and i'm so excited to know what i'll get!
  15. I'm not a mom either... and my cats also didn't get me anything. My parents used to buy me presents from my pets for taking such good care of them when I was little though :smile:

    Anyway, my brothers & I got my mom a judith jack necklace and matching earrings. We didn't want to spend too much since in a couple months we're getting her a diamond necklace for her birthday. She loved the stuff we picked out though.

    Japster, I love the flower arrangement! So pretty! And everyone else sounds liek they've had a wonderful mothers day or gotten their mothers some nice things!