whats you favorite name brand clothing

  1. whats your fav nb clothing you buy the most i like variety as long as they look good on me
  2. I don't restrict myself to one brand either, as long as it fits and its cute, it's mine's =P
  3. Any brand, any price, its how I put it all together that is the most fun.
  4. As long as it looks good, it works for me! :yes:
  5. I'll buy anything from anywhere.

    But I think Dolce & Gabbana is the best, most versatile brand: they make spectacular evening wear that flatters all shapes, and their everyday pieces are just classics cut sexier (corseted blazers, the perfect wool trousers, fitted blouses, etc.).

    Even though I'm not a prep, Ralph Lauren is the best for looking chic all the time, whether casual in a polo and blazer or in one of his satin gowns.

    Elie Tahari makes pretty, feminine (inexpensive) pieces with intricate details that I love. I'm not usually a casual dresser so Elie Tahari works very well with what I like to wear everyday, all the time. (I'm usually too "dressed" for day and, in my opinion, not "dressed up" for evening -- though some with disagree with this.)
  6. I'll generally buy from anywhere I please, as long as I like it and it fits nicely.

    As far as very high end stores, I adore Chanel (even though I only have three pieces). I have a sweater (which I bought at Neiman Marcus) and two vintage blazers (both authenticated at the Chanel store) that fall excelently for me (since I'm a guy...lol) so that they don't make me look like I have breasts haha.

    And for medium-end, I really like Burberry London's and Brooks Brothers' polos. Absolutely classic and casual, but not at all sloppy.

    For less expensive items (with great quality) I usually buy vintage though.
  7. I tend to mix and match high-end and streetwear. I have a ton of BCBG sweaters and pants (went through a phase), but now owns a more diversified wardrobe. Theory and DVF are my main staples, and I go to Ted Baker (love his tops and skirts) and Max & Co. (great knitwear/chucky sweaters) for some fun pieces.
  8. lol me 2
  9. i mostly buy vintage clothes .
    for designers, i really like tsumori chisato, chloe, roberto cavalli
  10. I personally like Diane von Furstenberg brand.
  11. anything as long as it looks good on me

    lately im beginning to develop a thing for buying true religion jeans though
  12. Diesel...young, sexy not too expensive, yet not in everybody's price range.
  13. I wear alot of brands. I don't stick to just one. But i do love BCBG.
  14. I guess I'm the cheap one in this crowd. :smile: For work I wear a lot of Banana Republic pants and collared shirts, J. Crew cashmere sweaters, Ann Taylor skirts and dresses. For weekends I wear J. Crew or Gap tees and more Banana Republic pants.

    Things I actually spend money on: jeans (R&R, Sevens), shoes (mildly expensive brands like Charles David, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Via Spiga), makeup, weekly manis/pedis, jewelry, and bags.

    I guess I'm a basic clothes + great accessories sort of girl... I really think your shoes, bags, and jewelry is what people look at the most to determine how good you look (as well as your grooming). For clothing, well-fitting basics suit me just fine, and except for jeans, I haven't found that paying more money gets me a better fit.
  15. nanette lepore