What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. My delightful MM:love:
  2. Mono Totally GM
  3. I keep telling myself to get better at switching out my bags....I usually carry one for several months before switching. Right now it is my Mon Mono GM NF. Before that, it was my Mono GM Galliera. I do love me some LV! :biggrin:
  4. I LVoe my Odeon GM for everyday, I can carry it hands free, or with the handles or on my shoulder, its so versatile.. I LVoe it!
  5. Popicourt Haut - it's comfortable and small, which is all I need for "everyday." But if its a traveling day, the neverfull.
  6. For now my favorite is Trevi PM :love: However, I used my Mono Speedy 30 for the past year non stop. :yes:
  7. Feeling the lvoe here too :smile::yahoo:
  8. Ditto on the Batignolles Horizontal
  9. My tivoli Gm but when it's raining i used my ebene speedy30 :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. I switch my bags around constantly but my go to bag and the one I will carry for longer periods of time is my denim neo speedy cuz its more heavy duty, goes with just about everything for everday use and it actually looks better a bit used looking lol she can take a licking and keep on ticking!!
  11. All summer and fall it's been my Azur Galliera PM. It's just so easy to carry it and go, plus it goes with everything. I LVoe it!
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    Now my favorite everyday bag is my Mono Speedy 30. I find it so light and convenient for daily use. Today I droped it off at the LV Boutique to get the handles reglazed, it will take 2 months, and already miss it sooo much.:crybaby:I am even thinking of getting another speedy, but in Damier Ebene this time.
  13. Odeon MM
  14. probablly my neverfull. :smile: its my knock around bag
  15. For a shoulder bag- I use either my Galliera or Petit Noe. Otherwise, I grab one of my Speedys...