What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. Totally PM is my favorite everyday bag. I'm "Totally" in LVoe with Totally PM. LOL!
  2. I switch a lot, but most frequently use my mon mono speedy 35. Holds a ton, but still has style. :yahoo:
  3. Mono Speedy 35!
  4. back to basics. speedy and nf!
  5. Weekend bag is Neo Cabbie
  6. Pochette Bosphore! The strap is comfortable and the bag is big enough for all of my necessities.
  7. speedy idylle in fusain in fall/winter and the damier azur neverfull MM is spring/summer
  8. Ebene NF.
  9. You're absolutely right, there's no such thing as too many :smile:

    My favorite 'everyday' bag is the Galliera PM in Monogram. I used the Tivoli GM everywhere for a few weeks but switched back to my Galliera because it's much more comfortable for every day use. The Speedys are great but the hand held is not practical for me every day. The Trevi is a bit heavy and I like to use it more formally. I just purchased an Alma and haven't decided about it yet! So far, the Galliera has been my favorite every day bag.
  10. I carried my Palermo PM every day for almost a year. It worked for work and at the gym at my son's basketball games. Now that he's in University, my Trevi GM is my day to day bag. Funny, but my Speedys always make me feel uberchic. I pull them out for a little extra attitude. :coolio:
  11. delightful pm
  12. Delightful Mono MM
  13. Used to be Neverfull MM, but now it's Delightful PM :cool:
  14. That's my favorite too! It used to be the eva, but after finding out that even the totally fits in my locker I'm using that to work.
  15. Lately, I have been carrying either my red or black Epi Petit Noe. Perhaps the most comfortable shoulder bag ever. Great for running around the city.