What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. Totally PM for same reasons as grace04!
  2. Totally pm very comfortable and goes with everything I just love this bag !!
  3. damier nf mm :biggrin:
  4. of all my LVs, my Verona MM gets the most use now. i like that i don't have to worry about vachetta. plus it's nice and roomy.
  5. neverfull mm or delightful pm
  6. I wear a different bag almost everyday since I hung all of my bags on my closet walls so that I see them perfectly and could switch them out more conveniently! None of my babies get ignored now :smile:

    My Alma in Gris was the one bag I used for over a week, it matches almost everything!!!
  7. My most practical bag is my NF MM in Ebene, but my favorite bag is my azur galliera PM.
  8. I've been carrying a damier azur Neverfull MM this summer, but as we head into fall then winter I'll carry a mono Totally PM. I love shoulder bags!
  9. my mono speedy 30 (for now!)
  10. My go to bag is my blue denim neo cabby w long tortoise stephen strap worn cross body
  11. My Totally MM and speedy! :biggrin:
  12. Mahina solar in poudre. I don't have to baby it, the strap is so comfy, and the color is good all-year round! I love love love it!!
  13. Neverfull damier GM
  14. I want to buy the Bloomsburry to use as a everyday bag.
  15. NF. But I'm saving up for a Palermo GM. Hopefully, my arm doesn't come off with all the stuff I'm already planning to carry in it. :smile: