What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. My Mono Speedy 35 or Artsy GM! =)
  2. All of my speedies (30) and BV.
  3. BV! But I'm sure that'll change when I get my HG *swoons*
  4. My favorite is probably my ebene Berkeley because it's like a Speedy but a little dressier and with more structure to it, but I probably get the most use out of Batignole Horizontal. Whenever I take the BH out of it's dustbag I realize how much I've missed her and think to myself how I should take better care of her. She is truly my workhorse bag!:smile:
  5. Neverfull GM, but now that it is fall, my speedy 30
  6. Will ALWAYS be my Cabas Mezzo monogram tote. LOVE it SO much.
  7. Everyday, practical, holds-a-lot, not-too-heavy, bang around... has to be my Palermo PM.
  8. probably my alma, or sometimes my bloomsbury. for work right now i am using my preloved le rad.
  9. Definitely my Galliera PM or Damier NF MM..................
  10. Galliera
  11. Speedy ebene and azur
  12. My petite noe. :biggrin: I have had it for years and honestly I have gotten my money's worth outta that bag!
  13. I rotate through all of my bags based upon my outfit or mood. Only my smaller pieces are saved for evenings, and my messenger bags are saved for days when I want to be hands-free, like when I'm Mall shopping or at the movies with my kids.
  14. Damier Neverfull and Mono Speedy
  15. My Trevi is my most used bag since I bring it to work... on weekends if I'm wearing runners, I'll switch to my Papillon or Eva... dressier weekends I'll use my Artsy MM.