What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. Neverfull. No frills, no worries. :smile:
  2. Damier speedy 30
  3. Mahina L. It goes with everything in my wardrobe!
  4. Damier Ebene NF- very easy to use and easy to care for.
  5. I just got it, but I love my popincourt haut. It's super light weight, sits comfortably on my shoulder and is rather compact so it seems to stay more organized than my larger bags.
  6. Right now, Boetie PM despite all that vachetta, she's meant to be carried and used!
  7. My mono and ebene speedy 30. Love it, very casual and a go everywhere bag.
  8. Thanks for your comments, its helping me decide which LV bag I want next! :P
  9. Every day, knock around bags for me are the rivington tote & totally.
  10. I use my damier ebene speedy 30 EVERYDAY!!!!!!:biggrin:
  11. Neverfull for weekdays, speedy for errands in the evenings.
  12. Bh
  13. My Palermo pm was a workhorse for almost a year...now I'm carrying a Trevi GM and I think it's going to become a favorite...but I must admit for versatility when I'm travelling for business my EVA takes me through business or casual dinners with ease. I never leave home without her!
  14. Batignolles Horizontal is grab and go, fits everything, is lightweight, is a shoulder bag, just a great all-round bag (unless it's raining).
  15. I've been switching out between my Mono and Azur Galliera PM's lately until I dropped off my mono for repairs...they're such comfy bags. I didn't realize how much I missed shoulder bags!! I do love my Speedys though too!! They're my favorite hand-held LV bag!!

    The BH is great for work but lately I've been using a canvas tote for all my junk along with an LV purse of course.