What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. But the problem is honestly I can't really use it every day because I am still a student so using a speedy for me on campus feels rather awkward. I would like to but the reception won't be good if they think its real or if they don't. But I wish I could just use it everyday! Maybe I'm too shy...I should just carry it with my Longchamp bag which holds my texts and notebooks. I don't know, I need to get over this. I'm so socially shy and self conscious.
  2. That's my favourite everyday bag too!
  3. mono speedy 35
  4. My 'favorite' is hard for me to determine! I love my totally, but it's still kind of new and I'm not sure about it yet. Love my NF also. I use it when I need to haul a lot of stuff around. But I guess that I still turn to my speedies for an everyday bag - especially the ebene.
  5. My galliera, mono and damier ebene and my mon mono speedy
  6. My favorite is the Speedy :heart:
  7. Me too. :yes: Also throw in the Batignolles (H or V) depending on my mood and the weather.
  8. I am loving my Palermo PM at the moment, but do swap with Speedy 30 in Mono or Azur also.
  9. I love my poche documents but sometimes it's not so practical because you can not carry a lot of things, but I think is very elegant :blush:
  10. speedy 35
  11. While I have others, I would consider my true 'everyday' ones my Trevi or Speedy 40. They hold everything I need and are versatile enough for most situations.
  12. My Monty GM! :P light weight, zipper closure, simple & easy silouhette and i can carry on my shoulder!
  13. my artsy mm. the strap is comfortable once you break it in, there's lots of room and has lots of pockets inside.
  14. Far and away my BH!!
  15. It is a toss between my Damier NF MM & Mono Speedy 25 / 35.