What's you favorite 'everyday' LV bag?

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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum and its so much fun and is very helpful too. I'm just curious what you favorite 'everyday' LV bag is to carry....and why do you love it so much?

    I purchased the new Alma Mono last week and love it, but went back to the store to buy a bag for my best friends Birthday and fell in love with the Tivoli PM too! I went home and obsessed about it and called 2 hours later to buy it and it was already sold. Fortunately another one is coming in on Monday so I'm going to get it then. The Alma and Tivoli are similar in size, but like different style of each. As I can see from this forum there is no such thing as too many LV bags, so I don't feel so bad now for buying two in one week! :biggrin:
  2. depends on the seasons..... for the summer i carry my NF..... now i'm carrying a speedy.
  3. I think it would be my NFs because it's pretty much a no worries bag to me and you can just dump your things inside and be on your way.
  4. One of my Beaubourgs...
  5. mono speedy 35
  6. Totally MM
  7. Batignolles Horizontal
  8. Neverfull,and speedy
  9. I would say my alma !! :love:
  10. Batignolles Horizontal
  11. Speedy 30 ebene
  12. My Batignolles Horizontal and/or my Mono Speedy 30 :biggrin:.
  13. Depending on how I feel that day, I tend to alternate between neverfull, a noe, or a speedy.
  14. For everyday, Totally PM. Comfortable and can go over the shoulder, zips closed, and has outside pockets. Speedy is probably my second choice because it can stand up to a lot of abuse, particularly damier ebene.
  15. Mahina Solar or Mono Wilshire MM.