what's wrong?

  1. hi gals, i was trying to log on to let-trade.com but failed despite i tried so many times. anybody know what's wrong with it?
  2. i'm having the same problem too :cry:! and i've been trying ALL DAY
  3. What is the point of that website? I'm not sure I understand why there's a need to check it when the items are on eBay (and the status of sold/not sold is more up-to-date on eBay).
  4. Even the pictures from the body of his auctions are down, just the gallery picture appear.
  5. No prices anymore?? Last time we can purchase from the website..
  6. the website is working on my browser... as well as the pictures.
    why don't you search on their ebay site
  7. i just went there again, and now it says UNDER CONSTRUCTION :huh::weird:
  8. I think its either your internet or browser...
  9. yes it's my ISP :mad:. i just fixed it.

    clearly i have a mind like a sewer.
  10. The site works for me.:smile:

  11. the prices are cheaper on his website as the prices already include shipping. also there are more items for sale than his ebay auctions.

    ***now i see that the prices are gone and theres not option to purchase :sad:
  12. site works for me now!
  13. if you're still having problems when you try to go on the website, press Ctrl and click on the Refresh button at the same time. that's what i did, and it worked :yes:. it might work for you too.
  14. WHat does it mean where it says "Enquiry"?