What's wrong wth girt at yoonx.com ad?

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  1. I'm incredible, two typos in header and no way to fix it :sad: sorry!

    Am I the only one who feels guilty looking to the ad? The girl looks so sad and unhappy. She is probably going to throw away the purse she is holding.
    Her face says: "Hey, ladies, stop this b**t and go and do something else."
  2. I keep wondering why Clare Danes had to stoop to internet advertising.
  3. THAT'S Claire Danes ?? It doesnt look like her. I agree- the girl looks just miserable.
  4. No I just thought it looked like her ;)
  5. Me too!! She does look so annoyed. It must be so hard being a model :crybaby:
  6. I think if I were hiring a spokesmodel I'd certainly want one who looks HAPPY to be pitching my item- not like her whole world have crashed down on her..... good lord !!
  7. I too thought it was a p**sed off Claire Danes!

    If it isn't her, it sure looks like her!
  8. Whoa I thought it was Claire Danes too! Yeah she looks like she has seen better days, whoever she is.
  9. Does anyone have the link? I can't seem to pull it up on yoonx.com. :sad:
  10. Its Yoox.com.

    I think! Are you not seeing the ad at the bottom of this thread?
  11. It pops up on the right with the other ads every so often. Just keep refreshing and it will show up.
  12. I just noticed another thing. She's probably pissed she has to wear those Michael Jackson gloves.
  13. Wow...she looks depressed!
  14. OMG! LOL! I thought I was the only who thought it was a disgruntled Claire Danes!

    Hahaha...good thread!