What's Wrong With This Picture??

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  1. Ohmygosh, I don't know what's going on, but I've had a streak of bad luck with Coach lately... Last week, had to return a Tuberose Kristin Hobo because it was splattered with blue dye... then the dry cleaners melted 2 of my Legacy scarves... THEN, I had also put in an order from one of the FOS for the Python Lindsey, & they forgot to ship her. When I called a week later, they shipped it out - and this is what finally showed up today. :nogood: What on earth IS that? A cut? A crease?

    What would you guys suggest... Keep it, stuff it, and see if it works itself out? Send it back?
    I've had a few returns lately (ALL due to defects), and then this on top of it... it's their quality issues, but I *am* concerned that they'll ignore that fact and send me the 'letter' for too many returns anyway. Ugh. So - has anyone else seen this with their Lindsey? Or, what would you do in this situation? Any comments would be appreciated! TIA!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    And one really close up...
  2. WTH never seen that before
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    The pleat on the right side - look to the right of it... Some sort of cut or something... Idk if that's typical of python or not, but it's not on the left side.

    Edit - Nevermind, you found it.
  4. looks like they pieced the bag together
  5. Looks like it was creased when they embossed it, that's never going to come out as it's not at a stress point. Unfortunately back she goes.
  6. That's depressing to hear... But yes, back she goes, I guess. Just called Coach, and they at least have a replacement in stock... d@mm!t I'm sick of returns and exchanges... I don't think I'm that picky either, so what the heck, Coach?

    (Sorry, had to vent.)

  7. That is not picky - that is a damn flaw - I had to take a double take but I finally got it - it takes me a lil longer ;) when I finally saw it I was like WTH did they do and why the hell did they send it to you - Again, I say - some of these ppl in their jobs DONT GIVE A crap!!!
  8. That stinks that you have to return and wait for a new one. When I bought my Isabelle last mth I got it home and saw that the zipper in the front pocket wasn't stitched straight and didn't close all the way. Took it back and they pulled out then only other one from back, exactly the same thing....I ended up taking home the display purse which was perfect.
  9. Yes, I agree with september24, looks like maybe they didn't have enough leather on that panel and just pieced more in. From the look of it, I don't think that will work itself out. The question is, are you happy with it, that's the most important thing. Some can look past it, others cant. i myself am pretty picky, and would be bothered carrying something that i paid good money for, that has noticeable flaws. if thats the case for you too, call CS and let them know you want this fixed. I have been told by customer service, especially FOS customer service that they know they have a poor quality control department, they said that's why they have such a great return policy. If you are worried about the "letter" tho, my suggestion is to call and do an exchange for the same bag (w/o defects, after all that's what you initially ordered and wanted), or a different bag, or merchandise credit. They would not consider that a return, so you wouldn't get the "letter". an exchange is what I do when I've received something defective. Btw, ask about all your options to return, I'm not near an outlet, but I have done FOS exchanges in FP store (they ship back, and JAX sends out another), usually overnight. Remember, squeaky wheel gets the grease, so let them know if you aren't happy with it. And don't forget a Coach bag should always make you smile! Good luck! Let us know what happens!
  10. ditto. return it.
  11. Definitely return it. Coach needs to step up their quality control. Are they selling so many bags that they can't check the bags before they leave the factory? And Jax is no better.
  12. My thoughts exactly!!

    This is great to know -- most of my 'returns' have actually been exchanges for the same item, so I'm relieved to hear they don't actually count those as returns! I did call CS, and will be able to exchange it for the same item - you're right, I'm not happy with such a significant defect (some things I can overlook. This? Not so much). I'll ship it back tomorrow, & pray the replacement doesn't have any flaws.

    Thanks, everyone, for your input! I will keep you posted! And I hope no one else encounters this!!
  13. Do they at least pay your shipping back if it's because of a defect? If not that is whack!
  14. Awwww I'm sorry!

    I don't have anything to add to what others have already said, but I would return too. It would be nice if they did a discount or something to make it right. At the cost of these bags, we shouldn't have to worry about flaws from the outset. Anyway, I'm sorry that happened to you because it takes the shine off getting a beautiful new bag.

    I hope they get it sorted out, and hugs to you!
  15. Sometimes they do, this time they didn't (at least, that I know of... they didn't offer.) The defective bag I returned last week (the Kristin) - they sent me the label via email, pre-paid. Today, they just said return it, with the reason why, and they'd exchange it. I imagine the shipping on the replacement will be free, though... Guess we'll see. If they *do* charge me for shipping, I will definitely call them out on it.

    Aww, thank you!! And it sure did ruin the experience of opening her up for the first time... You're right, we shouldn't have to worry about such serious flaws when it's supposed to be brand-new, "pristine" condition.