What's wrong with this picture?

  1. Earlier this month, I was bidding on this:


    As my luck usually goes, I lost the auction. And TODAY, I was just searching for fun and found this:


    I don't think it's a relist. I know for sure that when I was bidding there was no reserve to meet, so whoever got the highest bid must have won the bag altogether. Only the bidders' IDs have all been made private, and the seller's most recent feedback was for a private item too, which was authenticated by Poupette. Or am I reading too much into it? I just found it weird.

    What is wrong with this picture? :huh:
  2. :rant: same date code...

    I'm going to assume this was the winner of that pap,
    Buyer 3868amy ( 129) Jun-12-06 16:57 Private

    Seems fishy:mad:
  3. both listings are by the SAME seller :huh:
  4. Strange...same seller, same pictures, same EVERYTHING!
  5. IMPOSTOR!!!!! :censor: :rant: :mad:
  6. I see that, but one auction ended jun 1 and the other ends june 17..whats so odd about that ?

    i'd say its more like they reuse pic's or have a scam going on .. I just emailed them asking a question.

  7. Yeah, that doesn't seem right at all.
  8. That seems very wrong.
  9. Fishy,

    Why don't you ask the seller what's going on..
    It seems that the "buyer" paid the bag and they left each other feedback.
  10. Be happy, they got some baaaaad feedback and some shift goings on!
  11. It's all a little sketchy. I would not bid.
  12. here is the reply i got back. Seems odd when there is feedback on for both parties regarding the first auction.

    "It is the same item, due to a none payment bidder. I have to re-list the item.
  13. fishy...be weary..
  14. I can believe the non-paying bidder thing but the crack in the strap worries me-with all my pf education on LV this shouldnt happen.