whats wrong with this pic

  1. [​IMG]

    Do you see it
  2. OMG It's The Devvvil!
  3. Its Damien...6-6-6

    Ahhhh I am scared!

  4. lol..... i forgot all about that today
  5. ooooo spooky! maybe it swallowed one of its own? :amazed:
  6. ehheeheh, so u guys watching the movie then? it didnt get good reviews from what I have read so far..
  7. Didn't someone pay a ton of money for this x-ray photo? I think I caught a snippet about it on the news.
  8. freaky!! what kind of animal is that???
  9. Yeah-- I read something about that-- the caption for that story was something like 'Duck swallows alien head'!
  10. OMG... spooky:blink:
  11. here is the caption
    This undated photo provided by the International Bird Rescue Research Center, shows an X-ray taken Sunday, May 21, 2006, of an injured duck with a broken wing. The International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia. Calif., plans to raise funds with an unusual duck X-ray, which they say shows the clear image of what appears to be the face, or head, of an extraterrestrial alien in the bird's stomach. Unfortunately, the duck died quickly and quietly of its injuries. (AP Photo/International Bird Rescue Research Center, Marie Travers)
  12. Bizarre

  13. How does that make sense? How can you have an "undated" photograph DATED as Sunday, May 21, 2006??? :shocked: :blink: :huh:
  14. Ay!
  15. Yuck!