What's wrong with Saks shipping !?

  1. I came home today and my new chanel diamond shine flap was left UNDER MY DOOR MAT :cursing::cursing:. It's not like the door mat was even large enough to hide half of the package (they used a pretty big box).

    I don't understand how Saks can not require the Fedex drivers to get signatures for items of this much money. I live in an appartment building for God's sake.

    If you remember the recent horror story of classic chic: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/incredibly-mad-with-sa-at-saks-fifth-53152.html

    I think Saks is just asking for trouble.
  2. My Fedex man leaves packages outside my door all the time, even those that need signatures. I live in a quiet neighborhood so it works for me.
  3. At least your driver attempts to hide it! Mine's just leaves it out on the porch!

    But ugh, I'm soo glad nothing happened to your package. I hate hearing stories of members losing their purse!
  4. Saks is setting themselves up for trouble!!!
  5. lol, that's because I don't have a porch!

    Seriously I can understand if you have a house in a quiet suburb (like Rose said) that it might be nice to save a trip to fedex. But I am talking about an appartment building in Philly here! There are at least 20 units on my floor alone and people walk by all the time.
  6. Yes, that's just ridiculous. Do you know your fedex man? Perhaps have a word with him and ask him not to leave any thing outside your door. My fedex man leaves all my packages outside my door , not just the ones from Saks. I also think it's worth taking it up with Saks and explaining that it is unacceptable for them not to require a signature.
  7. :wtf: My friend lives in Philly and he tells me horror stories ALL the time!! Holy bazooka, I am soooo glad your package didnt get stolen!
  8. I have heard so many negative things about Saks shipping, I don't think I would ever risk it.
  9. what should he do?
    Is there a management office he's supposed to leave packages at?
  10. That would be me. :rolleyes: At least you got your package safe and sound. Saks has to pay xtra $$$ to require signature confirmation. I guess they rather not pay the $20 than to have to reimburse you for your lost package of $1000++.

    The Director of Handbags said, "UNLESS you require us to have signature confirmation, only will they do so. If not, they just drop it off at your doorstep, given it's a safe neighborhood or unsafe neighborhood."

    How did they get into the apartment building?
  11. Maybe you could leave a note on your door for FedEx or whomever the next time you expect a package asking them not to leave it. A lot of the FedEx/UPS delivery people are really nice and try to be helpful.
  12. Leave a door tag and come back next day.

    There is a management office but they do not accept packages for tenants. They used to, but gave up after too many claims of lost packages.
  13. Sorry!! I got your ID mixed up.

    There is an entry code the management office gives out to authorized delivery people so that they can make the rounds.
  14. I will try that, but honestly I don't really blame my fedex guy. He doesn't know what's in there and he's fully entitled to leave the package if a signature isn't required.

    I just don't understand how Saks does not require one!
  15. omg, i'm so glad that your chanel bag is OK - fedex is crazy!!!