What's wrong with people? 5 non-payers out of 10 items sold.

Jul 16, 2009
Hi all,
I sold some kid's stuff on eBay: auctions closed on Oct, 28th and until now 5 out of 10 people did not pay. I sent them an invoice the next day and a gentle reminder yesterday and heard nothing from them. Nothing at all from all five of them! Do they just think they can get away with bidding and not paying since I can't leave a negative for them?
Sorry, just ranting...:mad:
Thank you for listening.


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
Sadly, this seems to be a trend ever since eBay eliminated the Seller's feedback. I put up a bracelet which someone bid on, never paid ... happened a 2nd time ... and then a 3rd time (different people)! You can still report them as NPB (non-paying bidder), which is your only recourse (sadly). The other thing that I've done - I put them on my "exclusion" list, meaning that they are not able to bid on any of my items again. Most of the buyers don't realize how time consuming eBay can be and the fees that are assessed the seller. Do make sure that you file to have the fees refunded to you since the folks didn't pay.

Good luck!


Dec 27, 2008
The time frame of filing NPB is now 4 days from the end of Auction. File NPB and let eBay deal with them. Many buyers have not aware of the change and they might be playing in the old rule (7days). Sorry, it's really sucks.
Jan 19, 2008
I always give the ppl 7 days for paying, because sometimes they forget that they bid on something( I'm not talking about expensive bags or shoes :biggrin:) and don't check their ebay-account (happend to me once:shame:smile: and I think one week is still a short and comfortable period for both seller and buyer.
but I would def file a report after one week ( if bidder doesn't respond to messages). . .
Jul 16, 2009
Thank you all for your replies!
2 more finally paid. I will wait for the other three till tomorrow and than file NPB. Just wondering if I can make a second chance offer immediately or wait for 4 more days for the original buyers to respond?


Mar 23, 2006
Do they just think they can get away with bidding and not paying since I can't leave a negative for them?

Yes, I guess so? :shrugs:

It's made no difference to my behaviour, as a buyer, but I suppose some people feel they can now do what they like?

Sadly, I do totally understand why eBay got rid of sellers' right to leave fb, as so many bad sellers were, automatically, leaving retaliatory negatives for any buyer who dared to leave them a justified neg. :tdown:

However, in the case of buyers who bid and don't pay and especially, in the case of buyers who scam, it seems very unfair that sellers aren't allowed to leave negs.

Really, I think there should be some way of blocking/removing seller's retaliatory/probably retailiatory negs, but leaving the obviously justified ones. :yes:


Oct 13, 2008
Good to know, I thought it was seven days.
I think the four day policy started on October 1st.
But yes, i have had buyers who totally forgot about their bids. It wasn't until after I filed the NPB, then all of a sudden they pay. Some were embarrassed to have forgotten. Others really just use the days to stretch it until they can have the funds available.


Jun 5, 2009
Wait till your hear this...
One buyer just decide not to buy the next day after he won the bid, and he threatened me" do not email me anymore or I'll report your harrasment to the police"
By harrasment he meant me asking him to pay for the item he bids.